Keeping a house clean and spotless is always a plus, as many of us learn growing up. While some may balk at the notion of hiring a cleaning business to take care of polishing up a house – insisting that a grownup learn to do this themselves – it’s not always that simple. Plenty of responsible homeowners might find it a bit daunting to tackle an entire house by themselves under regular conditions, given the sheer scale of things and how much mess can accumulate over time. It’s even more of a unique situation if the house in question isn’t your own, or isn’t exactly your own – if you’re renting it out or using it for other purposes, getting some help is only the sensible thing to do.

There are, of course, plenty of businesses that cater to just such a need. How does one pick a home cleaning business to suit their needs?

Before we present some cleaning marketplace reviews, here are some factors to consider:


  • Experience. A cleaning business that has logged a significant amount of time doing what they do, and experience with a variety of home types and needs, will be preferable to one that doesn’t have a lot to speak of. Ongoing training and improvement is also a plus. Cleaning services backed up by experience. It is ideally rule of thumb to consider hiring people with experience rather than those who are just new in the industry. This does not in any way discredit the credibility of newbie companies but as they say “experience is the best teacher” and cleaning services with more experience know more on how to clean your home or office.
  • Availability. A company that has plenty of cleaners ready to take calls and assignments is preferable to one that only has few teams that get booked up solid and thus are quickly rendered unavailable. Furthermore, look for companies that can make arrangements outside business hours if necessary – get recommendations from people who can attest to real examples of how the company came through.
  • Accountability. How will the cleaners track job success at your cleaning site? Will they consider positive and negative feedback from you and give you a mechanism to provide it? Just as importantly, is there a formal complaint procedure? A good cleaning service company will attend not just to your every need but also respond to your complains immediately and will not let a 24 hour response window pass without trying to resolve the problem.
  • Green cleaning. These days this is industry standard, and so companies use this as one of the selling points to work with them – look for certifications. Companies which are compliant with cleaning standards should be the best choice for your cleaning needs.

Now here are some cleaning marketplaces  you might look into :

  1. Whizz Cleaning. Based in Sydney, Whizz is capable of sending cleaners out on demand – they have an app, which allows for even faster booking. Whizz proudly notes that their independent cleaners are insured and pre-screened; cleaners must pass a seven-step qualification process so it may be comforting to know that the company vets their affiliated personnel. The seven steps are really seven criteria for qualification, including English fluency, liability insurance, a police check, and a minimum of two years of home cleaning experience.
  2. Home Hello. Also offering app booking, this cleaning service counts constant customer review and feedback as one of their core strengths, in addition to covering bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and extras. This is encouraging, and quite revealing. A cursory scan of reviews reveals some inconsistency in the quality of service, with some noting that cleaners didn’t show up or that the quality of cleaning depended on which cleaner was fielded. However, more recent reviews seem to indicate the quality of service has stepped up considerably with Home Hello’s price increase – perhaps an improvement across the board, with better operations and more effective, professional cleaners.
  3. Helpling. Bookings via Helpling are website-based – you set up an account and identify the time and date you need the cleaner to drop by. Cleaning bookings are at a minimum of two hours, and an online calculator helps you determine how much time it would take to clean a location (a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms would call for approximately four hours, for instance). All Helpling cleaners are ABN and police checked, and interviewed personally before being registered with Helpling.
  4. Handy. Handy also uses online booking and promises next-day availability. It’s worth noting that they offer more than just home cleaning services – they offer interior painting, furniture assembly, and even moving services. They also offer a money-back guarantee, and assure clients of background-checked personnel. Do note, however, that reviews also tend to be quite variable in terms of service quality.
  5. Hux also operates as a booking service for indepenedent house cleaners in clients’ locales. Hux’s three-step process begins with accessing ratings and reviews for independent cleaners in their area – Hux mentions specifically that they select only the top 6% of cleaner applicants, and that they are bonded and insured aside from being interviewed and checked in person. Entering details about the cleaning job will get you a price quote that helps you avoid messy back-and-forth. Reviews tend to skew positive for Hux, praising quality of service as well as the affordable pricing of services that is sometimes even helped along by coupon codes.

As they say cleanliness is next to godliness. The first step towards this is to choose the perfect cleaning team that suits your budget and your needs. You can always talk to the companies mentioned in above cleaning marketplace reviews. They will be more than happy to explain to you what they offer. They might even give you discounts and loyalty perks if you have a good business relationship with them.



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