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    Cleaning services Sydney which focus on the little things

    Google commercial cleaning services Sydney and hundreds of cleaning companies will appear. How can you tell them apart and pick the right cleaner for your business? Most professional cleaning services provide the basics, but Clean Focus look’s for the detail to make a difference. We carry out blind cleans, carpet stain removal and carpet cleaning to boot. Clean Focus also works with you on recycling and sustainable waste initiatives. We use green certified products and also regularly clean out the office fridge and microwave!

    Cleaning Services

    Clean Focus Services

    16 Year's

    Clean Focus Services


    Clean Focus Services


    Clean Focus Services


    Clean Focus gives you time back!

    Clean Focus has been providing high-quality commercial cleaning services for over 18 years. Our experience gives us the edge when it comes to completing a high-quality commercial cleaning service. We work closely with office managers and facilities managers to report back issues such as broken furniture, leaks and lifted carpet tiles. We don’t just clean, we operate a conscious and communicative service as well. Clean Focus are your eyes and ears throughout your office or commercial building. Giving you not only peace of mind but saving you time too!

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    Commercial cleaning services Sydney at a great price with outstanding service

    We would love to visit your business and chat about your commercial cleaning needs. Clean Focus operates slightly differently to other commercial cleaners in Sydney. Instead of going cheap as possible to win the tender, we price fairly with an aim to grow a long term relationship with our clients who appreciate our informative communication and reporting standards. We tailor each cleaning quote to your business as we know every Australian business operates differently and has different priorities. Are you focused on green and sustainable cleaning services? Are you looking for a cleaner to operate at unusual hours? Do you need a cleaner on hand for emergency cleanups?
    Clean Focus listens to your needs and creates a cleaning schedule which works for you.

    Commercial cleaning services Sydney for all kinds of businesses

    Clean Focus offers detailed cleans, end of lease cleans, equipment cleans and cleaning at height. We can also clean data centres, plant rooms and have cleaning teams fully trained in builders cleans and end of project cleans. Whatever business you’re in, we have a professional cleaning team who is specialised in your sector and ready to help.

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