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    Floors are the most used and abused part of the building. The get stepped on by the dirtiest shoes that came from outdoors so its imperative to strip and seal floors. They get rolled on by wheels from trolley carts. The linoleum flooring near the doors take the most punishment. After a while, they will fade if not taken care of. If your floors need to be stripped and sealed call the team at Clean Focus today !

    Linoleum Floorings are Top Choice

    Linoleum has always been the top choice of businesses because of its long life, easy to clean nature, and affordability. It also comes in a variety of shades that’ll fit into any office scheme. Unfortunately it has one huge downfall: when it’s dirty, it’s REALLY dirty. Scuff marks, general wear and tear, loss of shine, and a degraded top seal are just a few problems you might see as it gets older.

    You need professional cleaning to get those floors back to new to make it look good again. That’s where Clean Focus comes in to help strip and seal. Lino floorings are the choice for offices and companies, there are other floor types that can be strip and sealed.

    Strip and Seal Cleaning Sydney

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    Clean Focus Services


    Clean Focus Services


    Hardfloor Cleaning

    Although hard floors are easier to clean than carpets, you still need specialized cleaning to maintain shine and dirt build-up it is imperative to strip and seal floors. Over time, poor maintenance of hard flooring will make it look old and dirty. With deep cleaning, the ingrained dirt can be removed. With strip and sealing hard floors, you will be able to restore the shine and let you save money. You won’t be inconvenienced to replace your hard floor anymore.

    Sealing is very important to maintain and prolong the life of your floor. With Clean Focus Strip and Seal services, your hard floor will be clean in not time. To maintain a good looking floor, schedule a regular strip and seal floor service. Depending on the accumulated dirt and the foot traffic in your floor, twice a year strip cleaning should be enough to prolong the life of your floor.

    Shine For A Budget Price

    We use a 6 step method in strip and sealing your linoleum floor: from stripping all the dirt to sealing it so that it can look spotless as ever. We use the best stripping solutions. We only apply high quality floor sealer system to protect and enhance your linoleum . We know that floors receive such abuse as abrasion from foot, spillages and dirt. Without protection your linoleum will become dull and lifeless in no time.

    There are so many ways to strip and seal a floor but our 6 step process is a guarantee in itself that your floors will get the maximum benefit of protection and shine. With our sealer solution, your floor is protected from further wearing away. It becomes easier to clean and dirt gets washed away easily.


    High Quality Floor Sealer

    We only apply high quality floor sealer. This will not just enhance your floor but also protect it. Floors are exposed to foot and trolley traffic causing abrasion. With our high quality floor sealer, the dulling of the floor surface is minimized. Once the coat is applied, your floor is protected from these damages.

    Our high quality floor sealer makes your floor easier to clean. Soil and other forms of dirt can be easily washed away. Without a floor sealer, dirt can easily stick to different floor types like terrazzo, marble, limestone and  linoleum . High quality sealers have a full protection system that allows floors to repel dirt.

    The colors of your floor are enhanced with our sealers. The floors will even have an enhanced shine and will last longer than an ordinary floor wax. You can cut on your polishing time because the sealer will make the floors shine for a long time.

    We only use environment friendly floor strip and seal solutions. As a company who has been in the business for a long time, we have tried different solutions and have come to conclude that it is best to use eco-friendly solutions to help the environment as well.

    Regal linoleum Shine For A Budget Price

    Instead of replacing your  linoleum  flooring, why not give Clean Focus a call? We can strip and seal your floors for a fraction of the cost that it would take to replace them entirely. Our process is simple, quick, and effective: you’ll feel you have brand new floors.

    We only give a friendly budget quote for our customers. As the best cleaner in Sydney, we make it a point that our services are affordable by both big and small businesses. With 15 years of experience in the industry, we have established such relationship with our clients that we can make our pricing affordable for more people

    Call Ph: 02 9056 5026 Today ! Were here to help

    By contacting us, you will be getting a free quote of your strip and sealing needs. Let’s make your  linoleum shiny again – call us today at Clean Focus!

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