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    The Clean Focus Mantra is ‘People. Planet. Profit’

    Clean Focus not only have a legal obligation to operate within NSW law and regulation, we also have an ethical obligation too. We don’t talk the talk without walking the walk, we constantly seek out new products, processes and initiatives to deliver an exceptional clean in a way which minimises negative impact on the environment.

    We are firm believers that a hygienic and healthy work space, whether a home office, commercial office, or factory is essential for people to feel happy and give a sense of wellbeing. Our main aim is to deliver an outstanding clean, every time, for every type of building.

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    Clean Focus Services


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    Clean Focus Strategic Environmental Plan

    We at Clean Focus are more than a fancy ‘green page’ on our website. We stand by our environmental plan and are sharing it with your, so you can keep us honest and work with us to improve the green star rating of your building.

    Management: To adopt sustainable principles across all cleaning services
    Our Initiative: Join the war on waste

    The How:

    • Reduce paper usage, focus on recycling
    • Maximise natural light in office space environment.
    • Engage with green initiative suppliers using GECA-approved products ( Clean Plus Chemicals).
    • Recycle and reuse where possible

    Energy: Reduce consumption and energy demand
    Our Initiative: Embrace renewable energy

    The How:

    • Use efficient equipment; for example a backpack vacuum cleaner covers 676m 2 per hour opposed to canister vacuum uprights which cover 200–250m 2 .
    • Reduce energy resources by implementing effective cleaning processes
    • Train and encourage staff to turn off the lights before leaving

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    Transport: Encourage alternatives to motor vehicle usage
    Our Initiative: Reduce carbon footprint

    The How:

    • Encourage staff to use public transport or carpooling by subsidising travel fares

    Water: Minimise water consumption
    Our Initiative : Reduce water utility bills and usage

    The How:

    • Install measurement chemical systems incorporating the Sealed Air JFill System.
    • Integration of using microfibre technology with less reliance on water (water cleaning systems where applicable)
    • Report leaky taps and drips to management
    • Training and implementation of measuring apparatus for staff
    • Use half loads when cleaning cloths and hang to dry.

    Materials: Reduce resource consumption
    Our Initiative : Reuse and recycle

    The How:

    • Strip down unrepairable equipment to use as spare parts or recycle
    • Reuse and repurpose cleaning cloths to be used as rags
    • Partner with suppliers who have green / eco initiatives products and practices

    Health : Provide a healthy environment for workers, staff and clients
    Our Initiative: Use health conscious equipment and chemicals

    The How:

    • Use the Superpro Micron 700 backpack, which boasts a HEPA rated high-grade filter which traps 99.99% of fine dust particles. Perfect choice for health focused environments where clean air quality is essential. The sealable, disposable dust bag guarantees dust and bacteria are disposed of with minimal exposure to the user. The Superpro Wispa 700 is an ultra-lightweight, quiet machine, designed to give users the option of reducing noise and energy use. This great feature prevents disturbing others whilst vacuuming and enables economical use of power.
    • Use GECA-approved products (Clean Plus Chemicals)

    Staff : Provide a safe, happy and engaging workplace for Clean Focus staff
    Our initiative: Subsidise staff for first-aid courses, white card certification and gym membership

    The How:

    • Safe equipment: backpack vacuum cleaners are ergonomic and better for the back in comparison to upright and canister vacuums. Test and tag cords yearly for electrical safety
    • Non-ammoniated window cleaner
    • Removal of aerosol use
    • Encourage work-life balance
    • Celebrate and reward good work and commitment to green initiatives

    Contact us today to find out how Clean Focus can work in partnership with your staff to create a harmonious, environmentally friendly environment for staff on both sides of the clean with measurable results.

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