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Do you own a commercial establishment that needs commercial cleaning? Has your commercial area not been cleaned in the last 6 months or so? Is your regular cleaning team not really doing a sufficient job in making your commercial area spotless clean? If your answer to any of the questions above is YES, then you need to call the experts. Clean Focus is the number one cleaner in Sydney, Australia. 

Commercial areas need to be as clean to meet Australian sanitation standards. According to the Code of Practice for The Provision of Facilities for Sanitation and Personal Hygiene, certain structures like commercial facilities need to meet safety and cleanliness standards. This includes disposal of wastes, toilet facilities, frequency of maintenance and cleaning, whereby stated that the owner/operator or occupier of the facility should maintain a clean and sanitary condition of the building at all times. If such facility is available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they should be cleaned at least daily. If there are periods of heavy use, corresponding cleaning and maintenance should also be increased.

Clean Focus is a leading commercial cleaning Sydney service provider. Because of hundreds and thousands of people frequenting establishments and commercial areas, they attract the most common thing dirt & grime. We are a professional commercial cleaning company that is solution based. Clean Focus can help make your life a lot easier and make your commercial area comply with Australian standards.

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Clean Focus Services


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Even with consistent upkeep, offices get dingy, stores get dirty and establishments get unorganized. There’s no shame having a busy and dirty office, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it. You’d never want a client walking in and thinking you don’t care about your place of work. We know you don’t have the time to scrub your floors for hours. This is why we are here. To do the heavy lifting of cleaning for you. We offer a range of cleaning services from carpet cleaning to window cleaning we have a complete range of cleaning services. We have broadened our service offering to rubbish removal, and have a dedicated washroom maintenance team.

As an expert commercial cleaning service team in Sydney, Clean Focus gives due diligence to making the job done right. We have a team of highly trained professional cleaners who have undergone much scrutiny before being hired as a professional cleaner. Our cleaners not just pass police clearance for hiring but undergo continued professional training. Even after hiring, they still have to submit themselves to rigorous guidance from our experienced cleaners.

As a professional cleaning service, we also only use the best cleaning solutions there is available in the industry. We use eco-friendly solutions which will not destroy your appliances and property. We use state of the art cleaning materials for varied purposes.

Our commercial cleaning Sydney services offer the deepest scrubs and the best detail work a cleaning service can offer. We can come once, twice, weekly or monthly – the schedule is completely up to you and what you need and can afford. You talk! We Listen! Our experts are trained to meet international standards in the cleaning business. Our cleaning experts only use eco-friendly solutions and state of the art technology, plus the best cleaning materials to clean your commercial space.

We are available to handle your cleaning services needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will make it a point that your commercial area will be clean in a jiffy without any hassle from our crew. They can come in your area when there are less people around. You can definitely schedule the cleaning services according to your preference.

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Transparent Quotation and Billing

We want you to be part of our business list for a very long period of time, that is why we make sure that we offer not just affordable prices but transparency in our billing and quotation. There are no hidden charges in the quotes and bills that we send you. You will get the best possible and most affordable quotation. You can compare our prices with other cleaning services in Sydney and we will not disappoint.

We believe in transparency with the quotes we give our clients. An honest day’s work is what makes our clients become loyal customers. Just like you, we are a business establishment and we believe in making honest pay. Clean Focus services are professional, affordable, and fully insured.

Your Clean Facility is Our Goal

We know how doubly hard it is to clean commercial spaces and that is why we put double effort in making your commercial establishment spotless. We will spare you the trouble of doing the dirty job yourself in cleaning your commercial area. No carpet will be left unvacuumed. No window will be left uncleaned. No tile in your toilet will be left full of germs. Clean Focus will do all the cleaning for you. We are committed to make your commercial space look and feel clean again.

Give us a call to make a positive lasting impression for your commercial area.

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