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    After the recent globally significant pandemic, the need for commercial cleaning companies that can keep public spaces hygienic is more crucial than ever. However, due to their growing importance in a clean-conscious society, many companies have sprung up around Sydney and the rest of Australia, trying to capitalise on the increasing demand. Unfortunately, this has led to many clients being disappointed by their quality and professionalism.

    As a business owner or proprietor of a commercial space, how do you choose a commercial cleaning company that will deliver the highest quality services? The answer is simple if you are a business in Sydney, New South Wales or Perth. The answer is Clean Focus, an industry-leading cleaning company with all the credentials required to put our client’s minds at ease.

    To demonstrate just how good we are, let us focus on some of the qualities that you, as a business owner, should look for in your next cleaning company and how we at Clean Focus exceed these expectations.

    Expertise And Experience

    Clean Focus Services

    16 Year's

    Clean Focus Services


    Clean Focus Services


    Clean Focus Services


    It should go without saying, but the first thing a client should consider when deciding on a commercial cleaning company is what sort of experience the company has at their disposal. Does their cleaning team have the expertise to handle your commercial premises?

    When considering this factor, you should take several elements into account. Primarily, one should consider how long the company has been running. As mentioned in the introduction, commercial cleaning companies became a lucrative opportunity after the pandemic, and many new cleaning companies were created to meet that demand. Within this factor, one should also consider previous customer testimonials, as this will be a good barometer for the overall standard of the company you hire.

    At Clean Focus, we fully meet this requirement. Most importantly, Clean Focus has been around and operating for 18 years! Not only does this mean that our company was well-established before the pandemic, but it also points to our industry-leading experience. Furthermore, we leave our customers well satisfied with high ratings on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Reviews. Scoring 5 out of 5 stars on both LinkedIn and Facebook and a strong 4.7 out of 5 on Google reviews.

    Range Of Services

    Commercial cleaning is an extensive market and crucial for schools, restaurants, hospitals, and industrial parks. Each space is varied and requires attention to different aspects. This means that when choosing a commercial cleaning company, you want to choose one that offers a wide variety of services and is flexible enough to meet all your wants and needs.

    At Clean Focus, we understand that our clients need different things from us, so we offer an ever-growing list of services. Let us look at some of our universal services in this article. However, it is important to note that this is only a selective list and that our service range extends much further to meet our client’s needs. Here are some of our popular offers:

    Carpet Cleaning: Any commercial space with carpets will need a commercial cleaning company with experience handling carpets. Carpets absorb pollutants and attract dirt, which can become a health hazard if left alone. At Clean Focus, we understand the importance of clean carpets and have trained professional carpet cleaners using the latest techniques to ensure your carpets look brand new.

    Window Cleaning: This service can be dangerous, especially for larger buildings with high windows. When these windows need cleaning, you want to hire a company with the right people and equipment to clean them efficiently and safely. At Clean Focus, we offer service for windows of every size and can even come multiple times a week to keep your windows spotless.

    Washroom Maintenance: An area that is not only a breeding ground for germs but can also be a bit of an embarrassment for your patrons if not kept clean. At Clean Focus, we offer a washroom maintenance package that eliminates germs by offering constant cleaning services for all your restrooms, keeping them clean and inviting for all visiting your commercial space.

    Certifications And Compliance

    With the rapid increase in the commercial cleaning company market, it is vital that before you hire any company, you ensure they meet all of Australia’s stringent legal requirements for cleaning companies. If you fail to do so, you may open your business to potential legal issues. Although several legal statutes designate how cleaning can operate, some that you may need to look out for are:

    National Employment Standards (NES): This is a collection of ten employee guarantees that include minimum wage, leave, work hours, etc. Set in place to protect the rights of all employees. Ensuring your cleaning company adheres to this with their employees working on your premises is crucial.

    Privacy Laws: According to the Privacy Act of 1988, the commercial cleaning company you hire may record your business or personal information for internal use. They must obtain your consent to use it in the public domain. Ensuring your privacy through the cleaning company, this is an essential factor to consider.

    Environmental Regulations: Australia, in more recent years, has strived to become more environmentally conscious, setting laws in place about waste management, disposal requirements and the use of hazardous chemicals. These laws are especially pertinent to commercial cleaning companies, and you should ensure the company you hire strictly adheres to them.

    With our 18 years of experience at Clean Focus, you can rest assured that our company takes all legal requirements seriously. We are making sure to adhere to internal and external legislation for the legal running of our company. So not only can you go onto our terms of service page on our website to find out more, but you can also contact us through our customer support services to enquire about any legal information you may need to have before hiring us.

    Quality Assurance

    What is quality assurance? How do you ensure that your commercial cleaning company is fully utilising it? When a company employs a stringent quality assurance plan, it prevents mistakes and helps keep quality uniform across the board and amongst all staff members. A good quality assurance plan for a cleaning company should include some of the following elements:

    Establish Clear Cleaning Standards: A cleaning company should look to train staff, educating them on what both the client and management expect quality-wise after a job is completed. In this way, if cleaners do not comply with the established standards, they can be held accountable for their actions. This incentives all employees to meet the standards set and will ensure frequent high-quality work. Clean Focus has a high customer satisfaction rate because our service is constantly of the highest quality. These standards have been set before our employees ever reach your site.

    Site-Specific Cleaning Plans: To do the job effectively, a commercial cleaning company should understand the environment it will be working in and set up a strategy that will allow for a thorough job in whatever commercial area they are working at. We at Clean Focus service many industries, extending to factories, healthcare centres, retail stores, schools, hotels, etc. Because we work with clients in many different industries, we have clear service packages listed for each sector on our website – allowing us to be transparent with our clientele concerning our site-specific cleaning plans.

    Address Issues Promptly: A cleaning company should also look to address issues as soon as possible. Not only preventing problems from getting worse over time but also showing their clients that they are quick to react to their customer’s needs. Because Clean Focus operates 24/7, all 365 days of the year. Our clients know that they can reach us at any time. Many of our services are also constant care for your facilities, not just a once-off cleaning session. So if issues arise, our staff are ready to act quickly.

    Communication and Feedback: Customers should feel like their concerns or feedback is heard. That means a cleaning company should have a system to communicate during and after services are rendered. Not only does Clean Focus have a dedicated client line, but we also provide around-the-clock customer support. Because at Clean Focus, we understand that our client’s feedback will help us improve.

    Sustainable Business Practices

    Today more than ever, it is essential for every company to contribute towards the environmental sustainability of our world. Modern science has provided recent statistics that prove the effects of global warming and warn about a weakening natural environment due to human actions. Australia has been excellent concerning the environment, with our government taking early action in several ways to contribute to building a more environmentally conscious country. Some of the stand-out actions include the induction of the 1999 Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, which makes it a criminal offence for any legal entity (this can include businesses) to take actions that are likely to impact the environment significantly. The Australian government has also sought funding for many green initiatives, one of the most popular being the Blue Carbon Conservation, Restoration and Accounting Program, which supports local coastal systems.

    The above information highlights the importance of being environmentally conscious, a sentiment we expect the companies acting within the territory to share. A commercial cleaning company is in a unique position in which its choices can significantly impact the environment because of the nature of the business and the tools (including hazardous chemicals) it may utilise. At Clean Focus, we understand our role in benefitting the natural environment, so we are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. At Clean Focus, our mantra is: “People, Planet, Profit.” Although we have a legal obligation to act in an environmentally conscious way, we also have an ethical obligation to do better for the environment. That is why we constantly seek new products and techniques that could help us lessen our environmental impact.

    As an industry-leading commercial cleaning company, we are also proud to have an effective strategic environmental plan in place where the initiative is to join the war on waste. This plan looks to incorporate our entire corporate body into the process. At the top levels, management is expected to adopt sustainable cleaning practices to lessen waste. These practices are incorporated into our services which our cleaners adhere to when working in your business. These environmentally conscious practices include:

    • Reduce paper usage and focus on recycling.
    • Maximise natural light in the office space environment.
    • Engage with green initiative suppliers using GECA-approved products (Clean Plus Chemicals).
    • Recycle and reuse where possible.

    When you hire Clean Focus, you directly contribute to a more environmentally responsible commercial cleaning industry. In addition, many Australian government initiatives reward you for working with green companies, making us at Clean Focus an ecologically conscious and financially rewarding choice as your next commercial cleaning company.

    Clean Focus: A Better Choice

    This article has investigated what you should look for when hiring commercial cleaning companies as an Australian business owner. The factors listed above are important considerations as they will help you choose a company that is not only committed to quality but also, in the long run, will provide you with a cost-effective choice as well.

    Throughout the article, we have highlighted how Clean Focus excels in every aspect—making us an obvious choice as a cleaning company in whatever commercial space is in need of a clean. So when deciding on your next cleaning company, get on our website and book a free onsite quotation session with us at Clean Focus today and experience the joy of working with industry professionals.

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