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    Pub cleaning is some of the most difficult things to clean, and it often takes a team of highly-trained professionals to get them to the level that clientele expect. One of the most important things to remember is that because of the heavy foot traffic, alcoholic atmosphere, and the number of bodies in one space at one time, an attention to detail when cleaning a pub or a club is essential. A few nights of dancing can completely soil a brand new carpet and bathrooms can need every crevice completely cleaned after a popular night. Emergency cleans are also something that often come up in more popular pubs and clubs, which can be an inconvenience to both owner and customer if the mess is in the wrong place, like the doorway to a bathroom.

    Wine Bars, Pub and Night Club Cleaning

    Clean Focus can help with you pub cleaning. Not only can we clean your pub, we can clean it daily to make sure it has a steady level of cleanliness that always impresses your customers and satisfies even the pickiest of clientele. Just because you serve alcohol, throw parties, and have high foot traffic doesn’t mean that you have to be one of “those” bars that always smell a little off when someone walks in. Instead, maintain a good reputation and use our professional, efficient, affordable services here at Clean Focus. Enquire today!

    Our Pub Cleaning Services Include

    Polishing all surfaces
    Mopping Hard Surfaces
    Vacuuming of carpets
    Removal of broken bottles
    Disinfection of all corners of the bar
    Deep Cleaning of Counters
    Arranging furniture, tables and chairs
    Disinfecting Areas

    Pub Cleaning

    Clean Focus Services

    16 Year's

    Clean Focus Services


    Clean Focus Services


    Clean Focus Services


    We Aim at Customer Satisfaction

    Since we aim to build a lasting relationship with our partners, we try our best to have all our customers satisfied. We give top notch service by catering to the different needs of our clients. When you book a pub or club cleaning service with us you get all these:

    FREE quotation
    Flexible cleaning schedules
    Discounts for loyal customers
    Affordable and fixed pricing
    24 hours customer support
    Transparent billing (No hidden charge!)
    Professional and friendly cleaning staff

    Whether you just need some quick bar cleaning or a deep clean, we are the team to talk to. We will attend to your every cleaning need. You are the VIP and we all do the dirty job for you.

    We Clean As Early as You Want!

    You can rely on us to Clean Focus to have our cleaners come to you at any time you want! We can clean your pub, wine bar or night club even just right after closing time. After a busy night, you have to clean up to get ready for the next night. Cleaning pubs and clubs on your own is such a difficult feat especially if you are to do it every night. This is where Clean Focus comes in. We come in to clean your pub any time of the day. Our services are committed at providing excellent customer satisfaction. 3am? 4am? 5am? Any time of the day is the right time to clean for Clean Focus.

    Book your pub cleaner now?

    Environment Friendly Solutions

    We only use eco-friendly solutions. Although it is tough to clean a bar we make it a point that we only use non-hazardous chemicals. The modern day club needs to be cleaned thoroughly and no ordinary cleaning solutions are good enough to clean it and keep it clean. Chemical based cleaning solutions can be expensive and can cause long term problems on health, which is the reason why our cleaning products have passed Australian health and safety standards.

    Getting Down & Dirty

    Leave the dirty stuff to us and attend to the essential parts of your business like accounting, inventory and pub management. We are good at cleaning and no part of your pub will be left with bottle shards after our professional cleaners have visited you for a booking.

    Hiring us as your professional pub cleaners will make business run smoother for you pub. A busy night at the club can mean the dirtiest night with alcohol spillages, broken bottles, spits, and even bar fights. You never know what alcohol can do to the nicest person inside a bar. But we know what we can do after the pub has closed, and that is to clean, clean and clean!

    Invest in professional cleaning now and let your pub business maximize and enjoy the benefits that we give you. We will make sure that all you pub cleaning needs will be met and you will become our loyal customer.

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