Commercial Cleaning Services: Frequently Asked Questions

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    Commercial Cleaning Services: Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have explored the idea of commercial cleaning services in any capacity, chances are that you might be left with some unanswered questions. At Clean Focus, we’ve encountered just about every question there is about commercial cleaning – so we’ve put together a list of some questions and subsequent answers in regard to commercial cleaning services for your convenience.

    For reliable cleaning services to get your commercial property looking spotless, Clean Focus is the way to go. We are serious about cleaning and strive to provide only the best-of-the-best commercial cleaning services to brighten your day. Keep reading to learn a little more about commercial cleaning services as well as how Clean Focus can help you out with all of your cleaning needs.

    What Does Commercial Mean In Cleaning?

    In the context of cleaning, “commercial” refers to spaces that get frequented by a large amount of steady foot traffic that ultimately needs regular maintenance. Generally, these spaces are intended for commercial or business use, such as office buildings, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and schools to name a few.

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    Is Commercial Cleaning Easy?

    The difficulty factor in commercial cleaning is highly dependent on the task at hand. It can range from being relatively straightforward to far more complex. It, however, remains a physically demanding practice that can be made easier by having expertise and making use of specialised equipment. Difficulty also depends on the size of the space being cleaned, as well as the techniques that need to be used by the cleaner/s.

    Some commercial cleaning tasks may be considered easier or more challenging than others. Ultimately, numerous factors could influence the perspective, and opinions can be quite subjective. On one hand, commercial cleaning may be considered easier than industrial cleaning, but more challenging than residential cleaning.

    What Is A Commercial Cleaner In Australia?

    A commercial cleaner in Australia is a specialised service provider that offers professional cleaning services to commercial spaces – in Australia. These spaces include but are not limited to; offices, schools, hospitals, shops, hotels, and restaurants. Commercial cleaners use specialised equipment, products, and techniques to carry out their services that are usually more advanced in nature than everyday household tools.

    Commercial cleaners can offer a range of services that can vary in complexity. This includes daily cleaning, deep cleaning, floor care, carpet cleaning, window washing, sanitation, rubbish removal, and construction cleaning. Essentially, the purpose of a commercial cleaner is to keep commercial spaces clean, hygienic, and well-maintained.

    What Is The Difference Between Commercial Cleaning And Industrial Cleaning?

    Commercial cleaning is the cleaning of commercial spaces like offices, retail shops, schools, restaurants, or any other similar facilities. These are areas that are frequented by a large number of people on a daily basis, that would require regular cleaning.

    Industrial cleaning, on the other hand, refers to the cleaning of industrial spaces like factories and warehouses. This type of cleaning is often more comprehensive and intensive as it could involve the cleaning of large machinery, big spaces, and heavy, hard-to-move equipment. The methods involved are generally more specialised and require more extensive cleaning products. With industrial cleaning, the service is more focused on maintaining a safe and clean working environment while ensuring that equipment and machinery remain operating at their peak efficiency for maximum production.

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    How Do You Quote Commercial Cleaning?

    Numerous factors play a part in the way a quote on commercial cleaning is carried out. Knowing what these are is key to quoting accurately and fairly, while still being able to generate a profit. Here are the main aspects that are taken into account when quoting for cleaning services:

    • Size

      The size of the area that requires cleaning is one of the biggest contributing factors when companies generate a commercial cleaning quote, as the magnitude of the space would determine how long the service will take, how much cleaning product will be needed, what types of equipment would be used, and how much labour would be required. When cleaners visit a potential client’s space, it’s imperative to measure the area carefully.

    • Material And Equipment Costs

      Cleaning products will likely take up the largest portion of your costs which is why measuring the size of the space accurately is so important – it will determine how much product your cleaners require to get the job done. Once the size of the space that needs cleaning has been identified, the amount of cleaning product can be determined. Furthermore, bigger areas could require bigger and more specialised equipment that is usually more expensive. If this is the case, it should be factored into the quotation as well.

    • Labour And/Or Duration

      Once again, the size of the space would determine your labour costs. To calculate your labour costs, your cleaning company of choice would have to estimate how long the cleaning work would take for the number of staff members that will carry out the work. Commercial cleaners will need to be compensated for their time and not just for the materials that are used. Once your cleaning company knows how much time the work will take, it’s time to calculate an hourly labour cost to know how much to charge in order to cover the labour expenses.

    • Overhead Costs

      Overhead costs are any additional expenses that keep a business or service provider operating and this will differ from one company to the next. This includes things like office rent, taxes, insurance, vehicles, telephone bills, marketing, and travel time – to name a few. Hourly overhead costs can be calculated by the totals of all the overheads, divided by the billable hours per month and this hourly rate is often factored in on quotations too.

    Many commercial cleaning service providers follow a per-square-metre model that incorporates all the above-mentioned factors into a number that would be profitable for the service. This makes it simpler for the potential client to compare prices between service providers. Cleaning estimates will depend on typical pricing in your region, as well as other job-related factors like size, location, and equipment that are required.

    What Is An Example Of Commercial Cleaning?

    The cleaning of an office building is probably the most well-known example of commercial cleaning; however, the range of other examples is quite vast. As commercial cleaning is the cleaning of any commercial space, area, or building by a professional commercial cleaning service provider, it includes numerous facilities that span several industries.

    Here we take a look at a few more examples of properties that make use of specialised commercial cleaning:

    • Office buildings
    • Retail stores
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Schools
    • Industrial facilities
    • Religious institutions
    • Sports arena
    • Gyms
    • Theatres
    • Retirement villages

    The scope of the cleaning involved at each of the examples of commercial cleaning facilities may differ from one facility to another. Generally, the tasks and/or responsibilities of commercial cleaning services include the following:

    • Dusting and vacuuming surfaces
    • Mopping, washing, and polishing floors
    • Cleaning and sanitising of bathrooms
    • Cleaning and sanitising of kitchens
    • Emptying rubbish and recycling bins
    • Dusting and cleaning of window sills and ledges
    • Dusting and cleaning of furniture and fixtures
    • Cleaning, washing, and maintaining carpets
    • Speciality services such as floor waxing and window washing

    How Often Should Commercial Cleaning Near Me Be Performed?

    The frequency of commercial cleaning would depend on the facility, the sector it is in, as well as the size and the amount of foot traffic determined by the staff members and/or visitors. The majority of businesses require commercial cleaning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure that a healthy and hygienic environment is maintained. Institutions like hospitals and retirement homes may be better suited to daily cleaning. It is therefore best to have your business’s specific requirements assessed by professional commercial cleaning service providers like Clean Focus.

    Is Commercial Office Cleaning Environmentally Friendly?

    Sustainability has been put under the spotlight in just about every business, sector, and industry imaginable, and commercial cleaning is no different. Traditional commercial cleaning can be incredibly wasteful, which is why there is a much-needed increase in commercial cleaning services that have shifted their operations to include environmentally friendly, or “green cleaning” services.

    We’re proud to say that Clean Focus is one such business that has been embracing the change to provide greener cleaning practices. And while we can’t speak on behalf of all commercial cleaners, we are minimising the impact by reducing waste and leading by example.

    What Does Commercial Cleaning Services Australia Cost?

    The cost of commercial cleaning services in Australia can vary depending on several different factors like the size of the facility, the frequency of the cleaning, the region or state, as well as the scope of the services that would be required. Deluxe cleaning may cost more, while some commercial cleaning services will charge less for repeat business. For a better idea of commercial cleaning service prices, request a free quote from us at Clean Focus.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Professional Commercial Cleaning Services?

    A professional commercial cleaning service can provide a multitude of benefits to an institution, its owners, and even its employees. In a fast-paced world, the convenience that outsourcing cleaning service brings can be priceless. But aside from any monetary value, a few other benefits include:

    • Improved Health And Safety

      A clean and well-maintained facility can boost the health and safety standards for all who frequent it. A clean-kept environment reduces exposure to germs and allergens which will translate to less illness and allergies among visitors and especially employees. In turn, this can indirectly lead to more productivity.

    • Increased Productivity

      It has been proven that clean and organised surroundings lead to more productivity. A maintained workplace can help employees stay productive and focused on their work activities without the need to be distracted by having to clean in and around their workspaces.

    • More Cost-Effective

      Professionally trained cleaners from a commercial cleaning company like Clean Focus can be a valuable time-saver for any business. Cleaning service providers are equipped with the necessary tools and materials to do the cleaning most efficiently, eliminating the obligation and tedious duty of stocking up on these products or equipment. As a greater convenience, in some cases, services can even be scheduled outside of business hours to minimise disruptions.

    • More Cost-Effective

      An outsourced professional cleaning service can be more cost-effective than keeping a cleaning team in-house. It eliminates the extra expenses of labour costs, benefits, regular training, and other overhead costs. There is also no need for the purchase of cleaning products by the entity which, in the long run, could work out to be more cost-effective than having to do so in-house. A business’s liability is also reduced as its own staff wouldn’t need to operate any machinery, which could bring down insurance costs, too.

    In Conclusion

    If you’re on the hunt for reliable commercial cleaners, then look no further than Clean Focus. Our trained professionals will get your property, business, or home cleaned to the extreme. We pride ourselves on being a results-oriented workforce, driven to provide high-quality cleaning services at affordable prices. You can’t go wrong when you rely on Clean Focus, so don’t hesitate to book our commercial cleaners today!

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