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    Birds, rain, and dust can really muck up windows – and they can do it quickly. When you have a combination of all three, your windows can gather up what looks like a year of dirt in just a few days! However, it’s likely that some of your windows are difficult to reach or, in some cases, almost impossible.

    Luckily, Clean Focus has you covered. We can reach any window at any time and make sure it’s sparkling, inside and out. We can come right after a big storm to make sure they’re spotless, or we can come once or even twice a week to ensure your windows are free of smudges, handprints, and general debris – we can fit into any budget.

    So don’t hesitate to give us a call today and see what we can do about your windows.

    Window Cleaning Sydney

    Clean Focus Services

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    Clean Focus Services


    Clean Focus Services


    Clean Focus Services


    Let’s Talk About Your Window

    When it comes to window cleaning, Clean Focus are experts. The window is one of the most neglected parts of a structure, be it house or big office. With a curtain or blinds, you can forget this part of your building. But that doesn’t mean that the windows don’t get dirty.

    They attract dirt not as much as your carpets but if neglected, they will look like the dirtiest part of your building. After a rain, or a storm, the outer part of your window will definitely look like it has gone through a war. Cleaning it is a must. For buildings which have glass windows as walls, you can rely on Clean Focus to clean it. There is a particular science and art involve in cleaning windows. You have to clean it from top to bottom and use the right materials and solution to make it spotless clean. Our expert cleaners know how to get this job done right.

    Our Services are Ideal for All Window Sizes

    Our services are ideal for all types of windows, be it big or small. We can clean your windows for you. Windows on the top floor of a 50 storey building will have the same dedication and cleaning service that a window from the first floor will get. Every corner of your window gets to be cleaned thoroughly by our expert cleaners. We give the same attention to all sizes of windows wherever they are located. We know how hard it is to clean windows which are not arm’s reach so we have all the right tools to clean them for you.


    Cleanliness of Your Windows

    It is also essential to have your windows cleaned on a regular basis. Just like any other building surface it will get dirty eventually. The best part about a window is that when a window gets cleaned, it really will look clean. It can give a great new look to your structure.

    Even without a professional cleaning team (after our team is done cleaning your window) you have to at least wipe it every once in a while. A professionally cleaned window is easy to clean on a daily basis. A simple wipe of a clean cloth will do for reachable areas. If you can wipe both surfaces of the window it would be best.

    If you do not have the time to do daily cleaning, it is best to schedule regular window cleaning services with us.

    Cheap Window Cleaning Sydney Service

    You can schedule regular window cleaning services with us since we offer the most affordable window cleaning service in Sydney. You will know we are the cheapest in the area by contacting us. We offer a FREE onsite quotation. There are no hidden charges, only firm, cheap, affordable quotations and billing. As a reliable cleaning service in Sydney, we have established a good relationship with our other clients who can attest to our affordable and reliable cleaning services.

    Call Clean Focus now and schedule your window cleaning services.

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