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    Washroom Maintenance Sydney

    Did you know that the average person spends about 3 months of his life sitting in the toilet? Everyone has their different public toilet rituals because of the fear of germs. Some would bring their own disinfectants, others would have their own toilet papers, and some would avoid touching anything at all in public bathrooms. They even flush using their feet. These are real bathroom rituals which can be avoided if your washroom feels and looks clean in the first place. Is it possible to have a germfree washroom? Despite all the cleaning that you could have done it can never be free of germs. Germs are found all over, not just in bathrooms but you can definitely make a washroom have lesser germs than the average toilet.

    Washroom Maintenance Sydney

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    How Dirty is Your Washroom?

    There is nothing more off-putting than walking into a bathroom that hasn’t has proper washroom maintenance or been cleaned in ages. Gross tiles, calcium build-up in the sink, rings in the toilet – these things are all going to matter to a potential client, even if it has very little to do with your business as a whole. The truth is that a dirty bathroom is associated with a dirty business, and no one wants to give their money to a company like that. When you have a toilet can has a working flush it doesn’t assure you that your toilet is already clean once you flush all the bad stuff down the drain. Do you really want to know how many bacteria thrive in a toilet? You can expect about a few thousand per centimetre square of bacteria live in your toilet even if you flush. That means that the whole washroom can be infected with a few hundreds of thousands bacteria depending on how often you clean the place. Eeeeewwww!!! You got that right! That is why it is inevitable that you have a professional cleaning team to regularly clean your washroom. You cannot just clean it once a day, or thrice a week especially if there are a lot of people who use it.


    Germ-Free Washroom Maintenance Sydney

    The smell of a dirty washroom is a dead giveaway when it comes to knowing that a washroom is full of germs but not all germs are seen by the naked eye. Even though it might look clean and it may smell nice because of air fresheners, it is not an assurance of a clean and germ-free washroom. Expect about 500 to a few thousands of bacteria in an ordinary public toilet. The goal of Clean Focus is to make your washroom germ free. The key here is consistency in cleaning and disinfecting. With the right solution and tools, our cleaning team will make it a point that your washroom maintenance problem will be long gone. The cleaning solutions that we use are not just the latest in the field but also eco-friendly. To achieve a germ free washroom we only use the best solutions that can clean your tiles, toilets and fixtures but at the same time will not destroy your bathroom fixtures.

    Quick Tips To Maintain A Clean Washroom

    You have to maintain the cleanliness of your washroom no matter what. Even if there is not cleaning team to do it for you, you should at least let the people in your facility do the necessary cleaning steps after use. Here are some of them: ✓A quick wipe on the toilet seat before sitting in the throne ✓Always flush to be courteous to the next user ✓Remove the first two layers of the toilet paper and throw it in the trash instead of using it. ✓Use paper seat covers ✓Washing your hands properly, that means using soap and scrubbing your hands for about 20 seconds ✓Drying your hands You can never be too paranoid when it comes to cleanliness. It is best to be clean rather than to get sick. Having a good workplace environment, a pleasant commercial area or comfy home starts with a clean washroom. It should be your top priority to have your washroom properly maintained by professionals and not just any cleaning lady. Make sure to give us a call in order to get a free quote. Let’s schedule your washroom maintenance now.

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