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Whether you are constructing a new property from scratch or renovating an old one, a builders clean is of utmost importance. Professional cleaning is an essential part of keeping your building project on schedule while also ensuring the health and wellness of everyone on the property.

For commercial cleaning executed flawlessly every time, Clean Focus is the ideal choice. Our cleaning team is detail-oriented and is able to execute any cleaning task with expertise.
Our professional building cleaners are here to make sure that cleaning up your property after any form of renovation or build is perfectly planned and orchestrated.

With 18 years of experience, you can rest assured that Clean Focus has everything under control!

In this quick read, we’ll be covering some of the many reasons why your property should be backed by the very best – highlighting the benefits of our builders clean and filling you in on the process along the way. Clean Focus is here to offer the highest-quality commercial cleaning services to help you get your property looking spotless and sparkling.

About Our Builders Clean

Building and renovating your property can be a costly affair, and even more so if you are left to do the cleaning up on your own. While some property owners choose to let their builders handle the cleaning, this option is not entirely viable either. Cleaning up a construction site specifically is a time-consuming process and the costs can quickly rack up when you’re paying non-professionals to handle the mess.

This is why we recommend investing in our top-tier builders clean service.

Our cleaning teams will turn up on schedule, armed with all the knowledge and expertise to handle the cleaning process in a timely and professional manner. When you rely on Clean Focus to clean up the mess on your behalf, you are free to kick back and relax while we get the job done right the first time. Don’t believe us?

Here’s a quick breakdown of how and why clean focus should be your go-to option when cleaning up your property after construction work:

Time is money, as the saying goes, and when you allow our builders clean team to handle the heavy lifting, you’re sure to save yourself a lot of time in the process. After a builders team has completed their jobs, there may still be a large mess left behind that will need to be cleaned up. This is where Clean Focus comes in.

The money you invest in our builders clean service is money well-spent when you consider the time it takes to clean up a construction site. Rather than eat into your own free time or waste money on construction workers doing a half-baked cleaning job, let our builders clean team get the job done in record time.

Furthermore, one cannot underestimate the importance of an expert touch. Here, at Clean Focus, our employees have the skill and experience to ensure that your commercial property is completely cleaned and sanitised. Our teams are also familiar with all types of surfaces, including wooden floors, marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and more!

We also have a full range of high-quality equipment at our disposal, professional-grade cleaning products and powerful cleaning agents that most homeowners will not usually have on hand.

Our team also knows exactly how to handle, store, and dispose of all cleaning products safely – keeping both your property and the environment at large in mind as well. The importance of removing construction waste is obvious; the high cost and the manpower needed to collect and then dump waste in landfill sites are difficult and waste companies have been forced to make significant increases in their prices as a result.

Our cleaners understand the regulations when it comes to cleaning substances and most importantly how to dispose of chemicals and waste from a health point of view, ensuring the safe and legal disposal of all substances.

When you rely on our professional builders clean, we make sure that we pay attention to every detail – leaving you impressed with the end result. The process of proper cleaning is a meticulous one and our professional cleaners know what it takes to make sure each surface is spotless and sparkling.

A Builders Clean From A Health And Safety Point Of View

When you move into a new home, you want to know that you are entering a healthy new environment, free from germs and bacteria. Whether it is a smaller risk of catching a cold or a greater risk of even breathing in harmful chemicals, a builders clean will keep both you and your tenants safe from all kinds of hazards.

During the construction or renovation process, dirt, dust, allergens, pet hair, and other unhealthy contaminants build up over time. If these dangerous particles are not cleaned up aftward, they can be inhaled by visitors and cause damaging side effects.

Proper and professional cleaning is an important factor in keeping your indoor air fresh, clean, and healthy. At Clean Focus, we use the most advanced processes and equipment, which vastly improves your indoor air quality for a healthier and happier indoor environment.

Our builders cleaning services also ensure that any left-over hazards from the construction process (Like nails or screws) are removed before they can cause any bodily harm. All of these details are implemented to give you peace of mind during the cleaning process.

What To Expect From A Builders Clean

Our builders clean is a highly specialised cleaning service tailored to suit a variety of construction sites. We make use of industrial equipment and high-grade cleaning solutions that will leave your commercial property looking spotless by the time we’re done. Your property is sure to leave a lasting impression on residents, guests, or clients after our professional cleaners have paid a visit.

Our builders clean service is suitable for just about any building that has recently undergone construction, be it a residential complex, restaurant, or office space. Your newly renovated property will be left sparkling clean, free of germs, dust and debris, and ready for visitors in no time.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from our professional builders clean service:

  • Our professional cleaning team will adequately assess the site and identify certain areas that require extra attention or specialised cleaning techniques.
  • Our team will make sure to mop and sweep over all hard surfaces, effectively ridding the premises of any dust, debris, or dirt.
  • Any carpets on the construction site will be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed to get rid of any unwanted dust or dirt.
  • Our team of professional cleaners will remove any rubbish, debris, or construction waste that may have been left behind by the builders – ensuring that the immediate space is clear of unnecessary clutter.
  • Any stains or paint splashes that we can find on surfaces will be removed using specialised products and cleaning techniques.
  • Frames and windows will be cleaned both inside and out, removing any construction residue, dust, or dirt.
  • If it’s necessary, our team will go in and use specialised equipment to comprehensively extract any leftover debris still in the carpets.
  • Countertops, fixtures, cabinets and any other surfaces will be polished to their original shine.
  • Any and all surfaces will be properly sanitised and disinfected to ensure that the site is hygienic and safe for anyone working there.

About Clean Focus: Builders Cleaning Services

If you’re interested in having your property cleaned by trained professionals with experience in the industry, get in contact with Clean Focus today! We are happy to supply you with a free quote, outlining all the details of our services and what you can expect when you invest in the best.

Simply let us know what you are looking for and Clean Focus will handle the rest. Whether you need a construction site clean, or you have a newly renovated property in need of a spruce-up, we have the services you need to get your spot looking brand new and inviting at affordable prices.



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