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    What To Expect From A Builders Clean

    Construction and building sites are notoriously messy, leaving behind plenty of dust, debris and rubbish; in other words, lots to clean up. While many think it might be tempting to cut costs by cleaning up a building site without the help of a professional cleaning service, this is often not an efficient strategy. A builders clean is a highly specialised cleaning service that uses industrial equipment to leave your commercial property looking spotless.

    With Clean Focus builders clean services, your commercial property will be ready for clients, guests or residents in no time. A builders clean takes place after construction has concluded on a building project, and the finished site needs to be made presentable before being opened to the wider public. It entails a deep and thorough cleaning of all areas of the completed building, and all minute details including the cleaning of fixtures and handrails.

    Keep reading as we cover everything you can expect from professional builders cleaning services.

    Any building that has recently been completed can undergo a builders clean, whether it be a restaurant, residential apartment building, or office building. A builders clean, however, is not strictly done for newly constructed buildings, but can also include a recently renovated building or property.

    A Builders Clean Includes:

    • Removing waste left at the completed site, including rubbish and packaging
    • Washing, polishing, and vacuuming a range of floors – from tiles to carpets
    • Wiping and polishing hard surfaces
    • Cleaning doors, door knobs, and door jambs
    • Wiping down or washing walls and skirting boards
    • Cleaning upholstery
    • Cleaning inside cupboards, closets, and pantries
    • Washing and polishing windows and mirrors
    • Scrubbing toilets, sinks, showers, and baths
    • Cleaning light fixtures, chandeliers, and switches
    • Doing a final dusting off and polish of all surfaces

    A builders clean is used across many parts of the construction sector, and those who make use of the service include property developers, shop fitting specialists, restoration specialists, independent contractors, independent tradesmen, and construction companies. All these parts of the construction sector rely on builders cleaning services to ensure their clients can enjoy the completed property in all its glory.

    How Do You Clean Up After A Builder?

    Clean Focus Services

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    Construction is a messy process. No matter how tidy your tradesmen are, it is inevitable that there will be dust and debris left to clean up once construction has concluded. There is certain debris and dust that can not only cause damage to the completed project but is also hazardous to your health.

    While many commercial property owners attempt to do an initial clean themselves after construction, it is important to remember that this cleaning is usually intensive and requires specialised equipment such as wet/dry vacuums and commercial floor polishers.

    Most equipment needed for an initial clean can be rented, as this clean consists mostly of rubble removal, dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down. However, consider the cost of having to rent the equipment and whether it would be more affordable to hire a professional cleaning service provider like Clean Focus to do both the initial cleaning and builders clean on your behalf.

    Here is what you will need to focus on during an initial clean:

    • Vacuuming carpets and furniture upholstery
    • Clean the walls of dust and dirt particles
    • Wipe down and polish all furnishings and hard surfaces
    • Clear the ventilation system and change out old air filters with fresh ones

    If you have decided to do an initial clean yourself, you will need the following equipment:

    • Soft and hard bristled brooms
    • Rubbish bags
    • Dustpan and brush
    • Microfiber cloths
    • Sponges of various sizes
    • Warm water
    • Cold water
    • All-purpose cleaner
    • Window cleaning spray
    • Bleach
    • Masking tape
    • Plastic sheeting
    • Large rubbish bin (or even a rented skip)
    • Dusters
    • Cleaning rags
    • Wet/dry vacuum
    • Mop
    • Industrial floor polisher (optional)
    • Carpet cleaner, if the site has carpeted areas
    • Rubber gloves
    • Acetone or hydrogen peroxide to remove paint splashes or stains left behind by builders

    As much of the dust and debris left on sight can be harmful to inhale or handle with your bare hands, it is vital to remember to wear personal protection equipment (PPEs). These will protect your lungs, skin and eyes not only from harmful construction leftovers, but will also guard you against the spillage or inhalation of any abrasive chemicals used during the initial cleaning process.

    PPEs include:

    • Goggles or protective glasses
    • Masks, specifically those that have dust filters attached
    • Gloves
    • Thick-soled boots with shoe covers
    • Hair ties, particularly for those with long hair
    • Aprons

    How Much Does A Builders Clean Cost In Australia?

    At Clean Focus, a builders cleaning service can cost anywhere between $45 – $65 per hour, including all labour, equipment, and material costs. Reach out to Clean Focus from Monday to Sunday, between 8am and 6pm, and we will provide you with a quote in 30 minutes or less. The quote you receive will be based on the services you require.

    How Much Is Builders Clean Per Square Meter in Australia?

    Here, at Clean Focus, a builders cleaning services can cost between $5 – $9 per square metre. Prices may vary depending on the building type. Typically, small buildings require between two and four days for a builders clean to be completed, while larger buildings need anywhere between seven and ten days to be properly and satisfactorily cleaned.

    There are also many other factors that influence how long a builders clean takes to finish. These include the material used to build the project, what the floors are made of, how many internal walls there are, the number and size of windows, etc.

    The Terminology Associated With A Builders Clean

    Since a builders clean is an intricate and time-intensive process, there are different terms to describe the various steps. Some of these steps are completed by the tradesmen or owner of the property, while others are carried out by a professional cleaning service provider like Clean Focus.

    Pre-Silicone Clean: This is a cleaning process usually completed by the tradesmen. The wet areas of the building, including kitchens and bathrooms, are cleaned before silicone is applied. Most builders do a pre-silicone clean before the caulking contractor arrives and ensures everything that needs to be sealed with silicone is clean and dry.

    Labourers Clean: This is a quick site clean-up, usually done by the tradesmen to prepare the owner for an initial viewing of the completed property or building. This includes removing protective plastic sheeting, removing major rubble and rubbish, and doing a cursory clean.

    Initial Clean: This is a clean done to ensure the building is swept and tidied before the deeper and more intensive builders clean takes place. While this is considered a deep clean, it is not as intricate as a builders clean.

    Builders Clean or Post-Construction Clean: This is a complete clean of the completed building, and is one of the major cleans that takes place after construction. All the rooms within the property are washed and scrubbed, buffed, and polished to ensure the building is presentable and tidy.

    Sparkle Clean, or Final Clean: This is the final step in the cleaning process. It ensures the building is sparkling and will leave a lasting impression on those who visit. Often, cleaners will use a white glove to check if all residue, debris, and dust have been satisfactorily cleaned away.

    What Is The Difference Between A Builders Clean And Sparkle Clean?

    A builders clean and sparkle clean are easily confused, but the main difference is this: a builders clean happens after construction has concluded, while a sparkle clean takes place after a builders clean.

    A sparkle clean, sometimes also referred to as a “handover clean”, ensures a building is properly cleaned and made presentable before being opened. While many think of a sparkle clean as being a lighter clean than a builders clean, it is still considered a deep cleaning service. It adds the final touch to a completed building and brings the ‘wow’ factor for those who will visit the site by removing any remaining dust and debris.

    Many in the professional cleaning industry regard a sparkle clean as the best a building will ever receive. All surfaces are shined, polished, buffed, and sparkled, and the end result produces a shiny and clean-smelling space.

    Professionals trained in sparkle cleaning also make use of specialised cloths, sponges, and chemicals to bring the building to life. The end goal of a sparkle clean is to leave a building so gleaming and spotless that it looks as if it has never been touched by human hands.

    What Order Does A Builders Clean Follow?

    All cleaners follow the rule of always cleaning from the top to the bottom. “Why is this?”, you may be wondering. Dust always falls from the top and gathers at the bottom, and this is why cleaners always begin cleaning from the highest points before working their way down. Starting from the bottom adds unnecessary extra labour and also impacts how long a builders clean can take to complete. Some of the highest points of a property typically include light fixtures and window sills. Thereafter, cleaners typically begin working on the property’s amenities, including bathrooms and kitchens. Many professional cleaners think of amenities as biohazard stations – home to many germs, bacteria, and potential viruses.

    After the amenities have been taken care of, the cleaners will move on to the hard surfaces of the building. This includes washing windows and cleaning benches, countertops, and doors. The floors are left for last and are thoroughly mopped and vacuumed. Carpets are steamed to leave them soft and clean. The cleaning team will also conduct a thorough inspection of the building’s exterior to ensure there is no tape, plastic sheeting, or rubble left behind. Once all these steps are completed, the property owner or client is brought to the site to assess whether they are happy with the cleaning service.

    Other Services Provided By Clean Focus

    We, at Clean Focus, aim to provide clients with some of the best commercial cleaning services in the industry. We offer a number of cleaning options to meet the needs of the commercial property industry and have done so for the past 18 years. Our cleaners are well-trained, and know all the tricks to ensure your commercial property is sparkling clean, smells great, and perfectly presentable. Our other services include:

    • Commercial cleaning
    • Washing machine and bathroom maintenance
    • Hotel cleaning
    • Retail cleaning
    • Hospitality cleaning
    • Sanitisation cleaning
    • School cleaning
    • Medical facility cleaning
    • Industrial cleaning
    • Rubbish removal
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Construction cleaning
    • Industrial cleaning

    Reach out to us via telephone on 029 130 7550 or email us at [email protected] from Monday to Sunday, between 8am and 6pm. Our prospective clients will receive a quote within 30 minutes. Let our Clean Focus team handle the dirty work on your behalf and kick back as we take care of all of your commercial cleaning needs.

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