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    Making Childcare Centres Cleaner

    Let’s face it: parents want their childcare provider’s location to be clean, and it’s not always the easiest thing to do because kids are messy. However, it’s incredibly important not only to parents, but to staff and other children too. If a certain level of cleanliness is not maintained, illness can spread, which may result in unhappy clients and sick staff.

    Childcare Cleaning is our forte whether you need a quick clean, a weekly clean, or a monthly clean of your care centre, church nursery or community centre day care, we can help. Call Clean Focus Services today.

    Childcare Cleaning Sydney & Perth

    Clean Focus Services can commercially clean your daycare to help ensure this never happens. Here’s what we do from east coast to west coast.
    Toy and Children’s Equipment Cleaning:
    Even if you clean your toys and other play objects daily, they can still harbor harmful germs and bacteria. We’ll make sure everything is scrubbed, disinfected and clean. Each toy needs to be cleaned because children can pass around germs and viruses with toys. They chew toys even if they are not meant to be edible.

    Childcare Cleaning

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    16 Year's

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    Clean Focus Services


    Systematic Cleaning

    At Clean Focus Services, we have a process, and we don’t deviate from that process unless it’s to clean something even better. This guarantees that everything gets cleaned the same way every time, guaranteeing the quality of our services. This has been in place for 14 years. We make it a point that our systematic cleaning technique is done by all our cleaners for safety, cleanliness and eco-friendliness of our method. 

    Disinfect , sanitise and clean:: If your kinder care location has a lot of toys and chairs, tables, and other kid’s items, we can pack them up for you and then unpack them when we’re done so that you aren’t left to reorganize anything once we’re finished. Deep cleaning of child care centers need packing, unpacking and disinfecting of items to make sure that no spot remains dirty after we clean it for you.

    Germs Germs Germs !!

    There are about thousands of germs lurking around in every household, office or space. It can be easily passed from one person to another. This is especially true in childcare centers. And kids are more susceptible to these transference of viruses and bacteria because of where the put their hands, in their mouths. Sometimes they just don’t put their hands in their mouths but they even try to chew a toy and think it’s edible.

    Aside from these germs that lurk around a toy, there are viruses and bacteria that are air borne. The last thing that a child care center needs is a space which is infested with germs, germs and germs. That is why you need to call us to help you out with this problem. There are cleanliness and safety standards that you need to follow especially because your business is a childcare facility. The authorities are awfully strict with this.
    Our services of systematic cleaning or the whole are and all the toys, disinfecting the space and all the items inside it is your perfect solution to a better childcare center. This is not just good for the children and your employees but also most definitely good for your business. Parents will recommend you place to other parents.

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    Affordable Childcare Cleaning

    The common misconception about childcare cleaning is that it is expensive because of all the detailed work that a cleaner has to put into it. With Clean Focus Services, you misconception will be shattered. We offer the most affordable cleaning service solutions for your child care center.

    Environment Friendly Solutions

    There are different chemicals out in the market that can thoroughly clean an area. But these chemicals are not eco-friendly and child friendly. We only use environment and child friendly cleaning solutions. The products that we use are certified to be used for cleaning children toys, tables and chairs and all other items found in a school or a day care center.

    Your clients, parents, children and staff will be same from harmful cleaning chemicals. By booking a cleaning service with us, you did not just comply with safety standards but also helped in preserving the environment.

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