Choosing the right end of lease commercial cleaner

Choosing an end of lease commercial cleaner may sound a silly question. Why wouldn’t I just clean myself or use my daily cleaner?

Well, there are a few reasons why you should use the services of a professional commercial cleaner at the end of your lease.

Firstly, you will need to dust off the lease which you may not have looked at since you signed to move in. In most cases there will be specific clauses and details about how you leave your commercial property at the end of the lease. It is likely that it will be a little more than a quick vacuum and polish.

A commercial cleaner or backpack vacuum cleaner team will have experience in performing detailed cleans on all types of businesses from retail to medical and industrial. They will know what landlords and building managers will be looking for and ensure that every inch of your space is not only gleaming but hygienic and ready for the next tenant to move in.

Maintain the landlord relationship

It’s always good business practice not to burn any bridges and leave with a good landlord and tenant relationship intact. After all, you have a business to run and if you are moving premises, growing your business or moving on to another venture, you want to reduce the stress of moving out as much as possible.

A professional commercial cleaner will first ask to do a walkthrough of the site. This enables them to give an accurate costing. Be wary of cleaning services who offer a per hour cost without a fixed quote as you could end up paying more than you should be. A reputable cleaning team will also offer terms and conditions. They should also be able to provide insurances, and guarantees and scope of detailed works. It is vital that you see this before agreeing to the job as one person’s perception of a detailed clean can be very different from someone else’s.

Take the stress out of your end of lease commercial clean. Hire a specialist team who will leave chrome shining, bathrooms fresh and also report back any make-good items so you can fix them before the landlord spots them too!



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