Cleaning For Airbnb

How clean an Airbnb residence ?

These days, websites like allow a homeowner to make some cash on the side by making part of their house – or, well, the entire house, if that’s an option to cleaning for airbnb – available to travelers looking for a better option than a hotel. While renting to short-term guests is really nothing new, these days you can do so much more easily.

Offering your home for short-stay accommodation via services like airbnb can be quite profitable, depending on how in-demand the location is and how much you charge. You can also meet new people, and for some homeowners this is an even bigger plus. It just requires a bit of effort on your part to get your home ready for renting. Preparing your home for rental via airbnb calls for a number of steps.

  1. Check to see if it’s allowed. If you own your home, this usually won’t be a problem (but check with the community just in case – New York, for instance, has an ordinance prohibiting offering short-stay accommodations). Living in an apartment, however, is subject to a lease, which might prohibit subletting. Just make sure you don’t get evicted.
  2. Clear any hazards. Remember that people renting the home won’t know anything about its history, like that heavy rain one spring that left the side door a bit rusty and likely to scrape you unless you opened it just so. They won’t know any of that, nor should they — it’s your responsibility to keep the place safe for guests.
  3. Lock valuables away. While you’re implicitly trusting the guests – and there’s now a Host Guarantee offered by airbnb – you ARE essentially giving them the keys to the castle, and if you’re going to rent the home while you’re away, peace of mind might be similarly distant. Identify which valuables must absolutely not be risked, and see about storing them in a separate locked closet or even room.

Clean Up Options!

One of the most important steps, however, is cleanup – before and after the guests come and go. People are far more likely to rent AND recommend a clean place, and you can charge a cleaning fee to help defray costs here. Many services are out there providing services for airbnb homes.

  • cuts out the middleman, actually, promising property owners the opportunity to make all the money while exerting none of the effort required to scrub the home down and prep it for visitors. Coordinating everything from cleaning to even booking, PillowHomes offers the guarantee of maximized income and careful service to homeowners, and an authentic hospitality experience for guests.
  • Proprly jumps on the bandwagon of naming services with missing pre-r vowels (right, Tumblr and Flickr?) but doesn’t skimp on quality. Proprly offers excellent cleaning and laundry services, as well as a key handoff service that allows them to assist guests who might get locked out in the middle of the night by mistake (so you don’t have to). For that matter, should your home take off in popularity and get back-to-back bookings, Proprly offers a supply restocking service that replenishes needed supplies like toilet paper and paper towels, as well as doing laundry and cleaning between bookings.
  • Guesty offers cleaning service coordination (rather than their own in-house cleaners), but also offers a lot of other services besides. The trend does seem to be offering a range of services rather than just cleaning – after all, this would come across as far better value for money, and so platforms like Guesty go the extra mile (which is quickly turning into a standard part of the trip, but nice to see nevertheless!). Guesty assigns a post-booking team to coordinate everything from keydrops to cleaning coordinations. They  can help coordinate your existing cleaning service, or help you seek out new cleaning services in your area. Coordination includes scheduling, and helping update the cleaners in the event of booking changes.
  • MaidThis offers cleaning services for hosts of short-term rentals. Cleaning bookings are set online, and a booked cleaner can then show up at the house for an airbnb package (MaidThis offers flat-rate pricing depending on number of bedrooms); recurring bookings are given a 10% discount, which is quite appealing if you’re looking to rent multiple times.

Everything indeed is changing. Just like media: this much we know to be true from a cursory glance at any television channel or Twitter feed that even mentions current events. Things these days might seem unrecognizable compared to the way things used to be done. While some basic principles at the core remain basically intact, the Internet and many other factors have changed the game considerably – at the least, the way the game is played. Was it ever this easy or profitable to rent out your spare room or spare apartment floor?

When renting out your home, make sure that cleaning is properly taken care of. Everything has changed and having your condo unit or home rented out is one way of making money out of this investment. Make sure that your airbnb room is clean and ready to be rented out.




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