Investing in good uggs boots can be beneficial for a number of reasons. For some of us, it’s great to have well-designed uggs that serve a valuable practical purpose for when we go walking or lazying around the house. But how do we keep them looking pretty. Below is 5 key ways to  clean ugg boots for longevity ?

What Are UGG Boots?

Ugg boots fit a lot of these niches, and it’s not surprising that they’ve gained a great level of popularity. They have a unique look that stands out and is instantly recognizable, and the craftsmanship is noteworthy too. Typically made from sheepskin and wool, the average Ugg boot is very eye-catching and smooth in appearance – but given that they’re boots, well, they’re just as susceptible to the usual wear, tear, stains and pains as any other. Only in the case of Ugg boots, they tend to cost a fair bit more, so it’s usually more of a cause for concern. Cleaning Ugg boots can be somewhat work-intensive, but anything beats the alternative of having to throw out a perfectly good and save-able pair that you sank a couple of hundred bucks to obtain.




Shoes and boots typically take on a bit of an odor after some time. While part of normal use due to bacteria and sweat and such, this is something you want remedied swiftly. The leather in authentic Ugg boots tends to carry an odor and become noticeable over time, but usually fake Ugg boots get there faster. Regardless of authenticity, you can use a good suede cleaner on the outer surface, and put 1 teaspoon of baking powder in each boot for about a day. After the 24-hour period is up, shake out the powder and you’re all set. (Baking powder is a fairly inexpensive alternative in this case to foot powder, which you could also use if you have it on hand.)


Note that these steps should only be done on classic sheepskin Uggs – don’t use cleaners on your specialty design Uggs.

A suede brush can be used to clean the exterior of the boot, which would include brushing off large chunks of dirt that might be stuck to the outside. The suede brushing can also soften the nap, preparing the boot for more cleaning. Further cleaning can then be done by wetting the outer surface with a damp cotton cloth – make it wet but not dripping – in order to prepare it to receive cleaning product. The cleaning product can be any suede shampoo, preferably one suited to sheepskin. Don’t miss a spot or you might leave water marks. Afterwards, a wet cloth can be used to wipe off the cleaner. Do some research though – note that some cleaners may end up slightly changing the shade of color or appearance of the boots. Don’t forget to stuff the boots with newspapers or rags and then let them sit post-wash for a day, so that they retain their shape.


Some try putting the Uggs in a pillowcase and using the washing machine’s wool setting – the wool cycle is important as it sets the most favorable temperature – and then dry those in open air (don’t use the dryer!). The manufacturer doesn’t recommend this though – no washing machines, dryers or dry cleaners. Not a lot of people do this though but for some, this method of cleaning ugg boots work.


Sometimes you’ll want to try restoring Ugg boots that have had the colors fading due to age. Given that the boots have seen a lot of use anyway and are losing color, you might want to try suede dye, which is available at most shoe stores. Suede dye doesn’t damage the integrity of the boot itself, which is good. A faded pair of ugg boots doesn’t look good on you at all. So, as much as possible fight the fading of your boots ASAP. And when I say ASAP, that means that you really have to make sure that you clean your boots not just to remove the stains nor fight fading but also to prolong the life of your boots.


Oil and grease stains can be quite unsightly on the exterior of an Ugg boot, but removing them can be simple with affordable and accessible white chalk. Catch this as quickly as possible so that the stain doesn’t have time to set. You can also use talcum powder. Either way, dust the chalk or powder onto the stain, pat it gently into place, wait a day, and then clean as normal. Dirt and salt stains can be troublesome too, but a two-step cleaning process can help. Start with a suede brush to clear away the larger particles, and then use a rubber eraser to gently rub out the remaining stain.

A Clean Pair of UGG Boots Prolongs It’s Life Expectancy

Just like any other things that you own, a clean pair of UGG boots will go a long way. Regularly clean your boots even if you are tired after a long day at work. Postponing cleaning and prolonging stains on the boots can make your boots live a shorter life. Make sure that your boots are clean before you put them in the shelves. Follow the tips mentioned above to have a clean pair of ugg boots anytime.



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