5 step cleaning and sanitizing process

It may seem strange to have a 5 step process for cleaning and sanitizing. However, if you want to carry out a thorough cleaning and sanitizing job, you need to follow these steps. The outcome of a high-quality cleaning job should be not only a clean, fresh home or workspace but one that is germ-free. With the coronavirus pandemic upon us, all reputable commercial cleaning companies should be reassessing their clients cleaning services. They should be upgrading them to more frequent cleaning and be focussing on frequent sanitization. Touchpoints such as buttons, light switches phones, keyboards and door handles are high-risk areas.

We have pulled together a comprehensive 5 step cleaning and sanitising process which can be implemented at home or in commercial and industrial premises:-

Inspection. Take a look around. Are you safe to begin cleaning? Are there any hazards or issues you can see which should be reported to your landlord or building manager? Sweep/flush. Sweep the floor, pick up any crockery, papers, and wipe away crumbs and food scraps so you have a clear area to begin cleaning. Wash. Finally, time to get to the actual cleaning part! Use hot water and strong detergent to mop floors and wipe down countertops, tables, chairs and other surfaces. Sanitize. Sanitizing is a key step and is more important than ever. Preferably use a hospital-grade disinfectant to kill off any harmful germs and bacteria that may be lurking in wait to transfer from one person to another. Dry. Time to move on to the next area for cleaning, but remember to pop back when the area is dry to check for smears or residue left on surfaces, glass and mirrors. Your commercial cleaner or household cleaner should be following similar steps to raise the standard on sanitizing areas and maintaining a clean, germ-free, healthy living or working space.

How can my cleaner reduce germ spread?

Ensure that you check in with your cleaner to ask about these processes and the cleaning chemicals they are using. Now more than ever stringent hygiene practices need to be followed. They need to be maintained every day and your cleaner needs to take their own precautionary steps with regard to wearing gloves and other necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).



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