7 Steps for cleaning and sanitising

Cleaning and sanitising both your home and place of work should be one of the biggest priorities right now as the world comes to terms with and tries to minimise the risk of infection of coronavirus (COVID-19).

No longer is a ‘quick wipe down with some hot soapy water’ enough. Every commercial cleaner and home cleaner needs to reflect on their current cleaning processes and see where they can improve to keep both themselves and the people around them safe and healthy.

There are seven steps for cleaning and sanitising. It may seem a lot of steps at first glance, however, soon it becomes second nature and is vital if you want to maintain high hygiene standards:-


Before a cleaner starts to clean down an area, it’s important that they inspect first. For example; if they are about to clean a commercial bathroom, are there any lights broken? Is the soap dispenser empty? Do all the doors lock properly? These items should be recorded and passed back to the building manager for repair. 


After inspection, the next step is to remove any debris. Sweep the floors and countertops, flush the toilets to ensure the area is prepped for cleaning.


Now it is time to wash down the areas. Detergent and hot water to mop the floors and multipurpose cleaner to wipe down countertops etc


Once you have mopped the floor and other areas with detergent, you need to wash away the soap and detergent build-up by rinsing with water.


This is a key step. Once the area is cleaned, it’s time to sanitise the area to destroy any germs and bacteria left lurking on tap handles, basins, door handles and lift buttons. Use a high-grade disinfectant and be sure to wear the correct PPE (personal protective equipment)


Let the area dry out.


Return to check the area for anything missed and look out for smears or residue on surfaces and glass.

The 7 steps for cleaning and sanitising must be carried out everywhere to minimise the spread of germs, viruses and sickness. If you work in the food industry, the steps are even more stringent and must be followed usually with legal requirements, so ensure that you fully understand what the requirements are, or employ a reputable commercial hospitality cleaner who has experience in cleaning and sanitising similar premises.



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