6 stages of cleaning procedure

Cleaning isn’t just about a bucket of hot soapy water, some cleaning cloths and a mop. It’s about a detailed 6 step process to ensure that not only is the area clean, but that it is also sanitized to protect from germs, bacteria and more importantly the coronavirus pandemic. All reputable commercial cleaning and home cleaning businesses need to take responsibility to review their cleaning and sanitizing procedures and retrain staff to focus on the detail if you are to deliver an exceptional cleaning and sanitizing service.

6 stages of cleaning procedure

As a guide, we have provided a comprehensive 6 step procedure for cleaning and sanitizing any area, whether it be in your home, or commercial premises:-

Inspection. First, take a look at the area you are about to clean. Are there any hazards such as loose cables or lifting carpet tiles? If you are in a commercial building, are there any issues or repairs to report to the building manager or your supervisor?

Sweep/flush. The next step is to get rid of any visible mess or debris. Papers off the floor, food scraps swept up, crumbs and rubbish on countertops collected.

Wash. Now it’s time to start the actual cleaning! Hot water, and a good detergent to be used to mop floors and wipe down surfaces thoroughly.

Rinse. You’ll want to remove any detergent residue which can lease a sticky film, so rinse once more with hot water only Sanitize.

This is an important step. You may have washed away all the dirt and debris you can see, but now it’s time to use a high-grade disinfectant to wipe down all areas to kill germs, odour and bacteria. Focus on touchpoint areas such as taps, door handles, elevator buttons and stair rails Dry.

Let the area dry out and the disinfectant get to work These 6 steps are easy to implement and will become a habit very quickly if followed properly. You can apply these 6 steps in both your home or office. Share with your commercial or household cleaner to ensure your living and working spaces are germ-free. Use it as a tool to focus on reducing cross-contamination and contact to minimize the spread of sickness, germs and coronavirus (COVID-19).

What should I ask my cleaner?

Be sure to ask your current commercial cleaner what extra cleaning services they are offering to reduce risk and minimise the spread of the virus and also ask to see what disinfectants and detergents they are using to ensure the grade is strong enough to fight dirt, bacteria and germs.



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