Hidden Dangers Of Cleaning Products

When it comes to the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the transport we take, we are making more careful choices, particularly when it comes to the environment. But, what happens when it comes to our homes? Some home cleaning products can be extremely toxic and damaging to the environment, so how can you spot the hidden dangers which lurk in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and replace them with something kinder and safer?

How do you know if a cleaning product is truly green and safe? 

Natural May Not Mean Green

Did you know that ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are technically natural products?  Clever marketing and mislabelling can mean that toxic cleaning chemicals can end up in your shopping cart. Try and see past the green and eco-friendly looking packaging and take a look at the ingredients listing instead. You’ll be surprised at just how convincing marketing buzzwords and carefully placed images of trees can be.

Still not sure? Try sites such as Green America, or look for accreditation from GreenSeal as a sign that you are buying an environmentally friendly and nontoxic product. 

Plant-based Cleaning Products are Safe

If you want a truly safe and green home cleaning product, search for plant-based sprays and cleaning liquids. These will be safe for you and your family and if you have young children, will remove the risk of accidental poisoning. According to Poison.Org children under 6 are at the greatest risk, so moving to a non-toxic cleaning regime is not only good for the planet, it’s good for your family too!

There aren’t any stringent laws when it comes to cleaning products, ingredients, and labeling which means there is a real chance that some strong, abrasive chemicals can enter your home. But, with a little research and label looking you can choose a range of truly green and non-toxic cleaning products to keep the planet safe and your family healthy.

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