3 Carpet Cleaning misconceptions to avoid

Carpet cleaning is a topic we get asked a lot of questions about and we’ve noticed that there are some commercial carpet cleaning myths that need to be busted!  Cleaning your carpet isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s a necessary part of keeping your commercial premises and home clean and healthy and maintaining the quality of your carpet.  It may also be a requirement of your strata or rental contract. Here are our top three cleaning misconceptions which you should avoid.

Doing it yourself is just the same and you’ll save money!

When you get a couple of commercial carpet cleaning quotes in, it can be tempting to look at hiring your own equipment and doing it yourself, but there are some perils and pitfalls to be aware of.  Firstly, understand the chemicals you need to use on your hire machine as they can often have an overpowering smell, cause skin irritation if PPE isn’t worn, and if not used correctly can stain and bleach your carpets, causing damage.  You also need to follow the instructions carefully as not following them and skipping steps can give you a low quality clean and leave marks, stripes and discolouration between clean and unclean areas.  It’s also wise to take into account the hassle of having to arrange a van to pick up and drop off the hire machine and any other chemicals and equipment. 

Carpet cleaning can be expensive

Gone are the days of large, cumbersome machines which take hours of time to complete a job. Today’s technology means you can hire a carpet cleaner or professional commercial cleaning team to thoroughly clean your entire premises in just a day, or over a weekend, leaving clean, dry and fresh carpets ready to welcome your staff on a Monday morning. You can even add antibacterial and odour fighting chemicals to infuse the fibres. Seek out a couple of quotes from reputable commercial carpet cleaning specialists and be pleasantly surprised at the cost!

I only need to clean carpets when they look dirty and stained

This is our biggest misconception. To maintain your carpets and keep them free from not just dirt but bacteria and germs, you need to book a regular carpet clean.  Hiring a professional for a regular carpet clean will maintain the quality of your carpets and remove dirt, grime, pet hair, skin cells, germs, bacteria and odours. Leaving too much time between cleans can bring down staff morale, increase the messiness of your office and home and also leave you open to infecting carpets with fleas and dust mites.  Ideally, you want to clean your carpets once every 6 months to maintain the standard of your carpets and the look, feel and freshness of your premises.

There you have it, three common misconceptions to guide you on the right path to cheap, professional and germ-free carpet cleaning! Got further questions? Reach out to one of our friendly cleaning experts who can help you.



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