Small Apartment Storage Ideas

Living in a small apartment can be fun and cosy, but comes with a price: you might have trouble fitting in all your stuff. Due to their space limitations, small apartments are not the best choice for people who have too much stuff, as storage is tricky. However, nothing is impossible; you just need to get a bit more creative!

Getting unused stuff out of the way can be therapeutic ―in the same way that getting rid of your luggage during a trip for safe storage can be incredibly convenient. After all, a cluttered home has been proven to induce feelings of anxiety, and you’ll definitely want to avoid that.

So, read below for the best ways to maximize your living space and enjoy yourself in the comfort of your cosy home!

Take Advantage of Shelves

Shelves are your go-to solution with tight spaces, as they can hold both small and large objects, allowing you to get a good deal of your possessions off the ground. Plus, they can be mounted on any wall, over any other furniture, allowing you to store vertically rather than horizontally. 

You can get a shelving rack for heavy things, like kitchen appliances, or install wall-mounted shelves throughout your home for any items ―books, vases, pictures, linens, etc. 

Behind the Door Storage

When you’re looking for storage spaces inside your own home, solutions can present themselves in the most unorthodox of places, like the back of a door.  s

In a small bathroom, for example, any makeup and skincare products ―or even your laundry― can take up a lot of valuable space, and you’ll soon find your bathroom counters all cluttered. Well, thank heavens for the over-the-door hangers!

Those clever hangers, whether transparent or not, have multiple pockets for you to store everything from your hairbrushes, makeup supplies and accessories and even your curling iron.

As far as other spaces are concerned, like the kitchen, there’s a practical solution as well: think about going for a hanger on the back of the kitchen door, or if you’re lucky enough to have a pantry, consider installing little shelves on the inside of that door, to give yourself extra room for spices, rolls of paper and foil, and even some vegetables. 

Optimize Cubbies

Good old cubbies to the rescue, once more. Cubbies with cubes are one of the most versatile storage tools for any home, especially a small apartment ―they can impressively expand the storage room!

Whether combined with boxes and containers or just as they are, cubbies can hold books, children’s toys and board games, DVDs and records, magazines and even office supplies. Also, if you’re a gamer, cubbies can hold your video games and consoles, controllers and other accessories as well, like headphones. You can get a house design that goes with your room, or simply paint them to match your preferred colors.

Use Collapsible

It can’t be easy to accommodate large furniture in a small apartment. Large, stationery furniture like table sets can cause clatter in small and medium-sized apartments, so you might consider going for a more comfortable option: furniture that can collapse.   

You can go for collapsible chairs, footstools, tables, and even Tupperware, measuring cups and all sorts of storage receptacles! Investing in such items is a great solution to clear out some space in your apartment, as you can downsize and store them discreetly in a corner when you’re done using them.

Hidden Storage

Apart from collapsibles, a good investment for anyone living in a small apartment is to get some multi-purpose furniture, with a hidden storage room. 

For example, a comfortable bench with a lift-able lid and room for stashing shoes, towels or other objects is ideal. You can put one of those on the foot of your bed or near the entrance, and nobody’s going to know that you’re storing your belongings inside this comfortable seat; this way, you get to hit two birds with one stone!  

Plus, you can invent hidden storage room under one-purpose furniture ―like your bed. By simply lifting your bed onto a frame, you open up an available area for storing all sorts of possessions that you don’t use very often. 

Go Upwards!

Our last tip for storage in your small flat is to go… up. In a tiny bedroom or bathroom, where linens are concerned, blankets and towels take up a lot of space, and your closets may be overflowing. In that case, you might want to opt for solutions pointing upwards, like mounting your belongings on shelves or hanging them by nails.

You can also hang or mount clothing, tools, kitchen utensils and all sorts of accessories, while mounting a velcro board would allow you to attach any light item upon the wall and pick it up easily. 

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