One aspect of starting a business that most either rush through or skip entirely is designing the brand. Beginning entrepreneurs do this at their peril, of course, since in many cases a good, well-designed brand can be a game-changer – for the worse, should you forego it. Branding is critical in assuring the success of a fledgling business. It’s more than simply dreaming up a snazzy logo or catchy name – it’s in crafting an entire customer experience. While many might shrug at this and thus fail to take it seriously – and then go on to fail more spectacularly at other things as the business struggles to crack the public consciousness.

You Are Your Brand! It Makes You Unique

Overall, the brand is how the customer perceives you and your business. Think about it – what do you associate with your favorite restaurant brand? What is your favorite drink brand? What is your favorite clothing brand? It’s not just the item or service itself, but the overall image. Good branding promotes recognition, and with recognition comes distinction – your customers’ ideal treatment of your brand, as one that stands apart from the competition. Indeed, everything, from visual and graphic touches like the logo and color scheme to the way you answer your phones becomes part of the brand that separates you from the rest of the pack. You are your brand. It is what separates you from others. This is what makes you unique.

Good Branding is Everything

Good branding can even pay dividends long after it’s netted you a customer. Word of mouth favors strong brands, as good branding creates a lasting first impression that stays in customers’ minds up to the point where similar needs and similar situations lead them to recommend your brand to other people. This is in addition to the actual quality you have to offer, of course. People feel secure in making recommendations when the brand seems credible, thus ensuring that their own credibility is not in jeopardy.

How do you apply the desire to brand well, to your own cleaning business?


    1. Invest in graphic design. Customers take about seven seconds to decide if they’re going to care about your brand, and it’s very easy to lose them if the very first things they see aren’t up to snuff. Put some money into graphic design, starting by hiring a competent graphic designer and good design software. Note that both elements are crucial – you may have the latter on your computer, but you won’t be able to maximize that (or even use basic-to-the-trained tools and principles!) on your own; similarly, a good graphic designer without the tools to execute your vision won’t be much good.


    1. Find your unique advantage and use it. Is your business chemical free? Are the prices better than the competition’s? Do you offer better customer service? Identify the unique advantage your business has and make sure it’s part of what your customers learn first about your business. The trick here is to differentiate your business – it’s not as much a problem if you’re one of many cleaning businesses, but this is your ticket to not JUST being easily dismissed as that. Your unique advantage can spell the difference between a successful cleaning business and a business that can go down the drain in just a couple of months in operation.


    1. Incorporate your branding into every element of your business, down to communication. Just as a person’s personality is detectable through the way they interact with others, your business’ brand should resonate in every form of communication. From business cards to brochures to the letterhead to the website, every instance of making your presence felt should make the uniqueness of that presence clear. This is one area where good graphic design can be quite helpful – designing a good logo and brand title that is simple but striking – but needs to be complemented by a consistent message. Nothing beats a consistent message that you constantly deliver to your clients.


    1. Don’t underestimate the impact of a good business card. Remember, you’re putting money into this and literally giving it away, so it should do more than just list basic information like your brand logo and contact details (although this should be its foremost job). You can make use of the back, for instance, to give a compact pitch that identifies your strengths and calls for action. It’s a tricky thing to do, but keep the message consistent, concise and clear and you’ll be off to a good start. A good business card will make clients trust in the reliability of your business. Do not underestimate the impact of a good business card.


    1. Use your branding to your advantage. What’s the point of being sparing with all this material that you’re going to be investing a lot in? Identify good places to leave your flyers where your prospective market will see them. Give your business cards out, personally if possible so you can build on what’s on the card. Your unique advantage will continue to serve you well here by giving you guidelines as to where and how best to distribute.


With all the things that are were presented above on how to brand a cleaning business, it is still totally up to your determination to make your business succeed but surely these 5 sure tips will definitely boost your road to success. As a beginning entrepreneur do not hesitate to take risks. Risks can spell the difference between success and failure. And once you have invested in this branding endeavor, you will be able to move on to other essential elements of your business. Start the success of your business by branding it right!



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