Making the switch to green commercial cleaning products

We are all trying to live a greener life, both at work and in our personal lives. Ethical manufacturing and sourcing of products is now something we consciously think about before making a purchase. There are green options for just about everything these days, but what about green commercial cleaning products?

Facilities managers are finding that green targets are now the norm. There is a strong focus on energy consumption and single-use plastic and waste. However, have you considered your commercial cleaning team and assessed how green they are?

Switching to green commercial cleaning products

  • Reduce waste and swap paper towels for hand dryers
  • Assess your recycling processes
  • Switch to green cleaning chemicals
  • Ask your cleaners to use reusable microfibre cloths
  • Buy locally-sourced products over cheap imports

There is a myth that green commercial cleaning products aren’t as effective and more expensive. This used to be the case, but sustainable and ethical commercial cleaning products are now becoming widely accessible and higher demand means that prices have come down, making them comparable to regular cleaning supplies.

When it comes to performance and effective cleaning, green commercial cleaning products are equal. However, the chemicals needed to fight germs and viruses are not, at this stage environmentally friendly. This means that you will need to balance your cleaning products between green commercial cleaning products and stronger, virus-fighting disinfectant. If you are unsure, talk to your commercial cleaning team about a review of your cleaning products and chemicals to see where you can make a green switch and maintain the health and wellbeing of your employees.



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