Free COVID-19 Touch Point Checklist

It is incredibly important to ramp up commercial and office cleaning and disinfecting as Australians return to work.  There are a lot of new elements and areas to focus on. So, we at Clean Focus have created a free COVID-19 touch point cleaning checklist to assist your cleaning teams.

Why is it important to focus on touch points?

Touch points are all the places that many hands touch and grab. COVID-19 can hang around for a number of hours and it’s these areas which are one of the biggest concerns for transfer and spread of the virus.

Touch points differ across industry and building types, so it pays to contact a commercial cleaner who has specific COVID-19 cleaning and experience. They can assess your workspace and call out specific areas, across hospitality, industrial and office spaces which need extra cleaning and disinfecting.

They can also recommend preferred sanitisation cleaning times and shift changes. It’s important to perform deep cleans across the entire site regularly and particularly in between any team or shift changes. Meeting rooms and break out rooms should also be wiped down with an anti-viral disinfectant after each use. It really is a whole new way of cleaning. In a post-COVID-19 world, it’s highly recommended that a commercial cleaning assessment occurs across all your sites.

Download your Free COVID-19 Touch Point Checklist

Download your free COVID-19 touch point checklist here which covers all common touchpoints. Ensure your team are fully briefed and are provided with PPE such as gloves and masks. Use a high-quality 2in1 cleaner and disinfectant to ensure any viruses and germs are destroyed with every clean!

Free COVID-19 touchpoint checklist

Follow the Clean Focus blog or live chat with one of our COVID-19 cleaning experts. If you have any questions about touch point cleaning, or are looking for a fully trained team of COVID-19 busting commercial cleaners, we’re here!



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