4 Ways To A Cleaner, Greener Office

You don’t need to switch to kale sandwiches and tree bark plates for office meetings to be a greener office.  There are plenty of practical ways to a cleaner, greener office. We’ll show you ways to improve your office environment and contribute to the goal of reducing unnecessary waste and carbon footprint.  It’s a great morale booster for staff too, who can all take part in making your office space cleaner and greener.

Clean green office Clean Focus

The trend for Sydney offices is leaning towards a greener, more sustainable approach, in manufacturing, retail, and services. It’s not just good for the planet, but it’s also a step towards the happiness and overall wellness of your employees. It’s also an excellent way to attract new talent as Australians seek to work for companies who give back.


Paper can creep up on you, and in no time your business can have a fortress of archive boxes, invoices, presentations and marketing collateral everywhere. Work towards the goal of a paperless office.  What can be scanned or emailed? How can you automate some processes to avoid that extra form being filled in? A great initiative is to run an office competition to see who can improve an internal process by reducing the amount of paper used. It will get your staff thinking about what needs to be printed, and what’s wasted.  If you are a paper-heavy industry, make sure there is a focus on recycling where possible with paper recycle bins under desks or in shared areas, etc


Do an inventory on all the products you use.  Are their chemicals which can be switched to a greener alternative? Can you buy fruit for the communal fruit bowl locally and reduce the carbon emissions created by delivery vans? Are staff recycling their yoghurt pots and plastic takeaway trays? Are their greener stationery items you can switch to?

Your Cleaner Can Help You Get Greener

Ask your cleaning supervisor about the consumables your business is using and the chemicals used on surfaces. Are they corrosive? Is there a greener option?  Ask them to provide usage reports so you can determine if there is room for improvement, and to make sure staff aren’t taking a 12pack of toilet rolls home. Ask your cleaner to price up greener alternatives. If you have a larger business, ask for waste reports and give your cleaning company targets for recycling, ensuring that they don’t mix waste into general rubbish, etc.

Is Your Equipment Running Efficiently?

When was the last time your air conditioning was serviced? Are air vents full of dust? Is the company dishwasher ten years old and guzzling electricity? If your photocopier contract is up for renewal, seek out more environmentally friendly machines.  Review your equipment, ensure that servicing is up to date and renew with greener options. Your professional office cleaner should be offering to do this for you, so if they aren’t pulling their weight, it might be time to re-tender. Also, set up a company initiative for staff to turn off computers and lights at the end of the day, it will soon become a habit, and you’ll start to notice a reduction in your electricity bills.

These are just a few ways in which you can create a greener, happier office for you and your staff. You can also save money too, by reviewing your suppliers, equipment, and the processes your employees are currently using.



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