3 Good Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Office Cleaning

If you have a small to medium business, you may think that it’s much easier just to employ one or two cleaners to do your daily office clean rather than outsource your office cleaning.  If you are a sole trader, and there are only one or two of you, this may be the case, but once you get to 5+ employees, it’s beneficial to engage in the service of a reputable, local, professional cleaning company. Here are some of the key reasons why hiring a cleaner through a local company is best.

Outsource office cleaning

Time Wasted

Firstly, another employee is another person to pay, process tax, super, BACS, etc. at the end of every month.  Cleaners can often come and go too, especially if they don’t work for a cleaning company, so you might lose a cleaner at short notice and have to spend time recruiting, interviewing, and setting them up for payments. You may also think it’s fine to get your current staff to chip in and stack the dishwasher, or share the cleaning.  This takes their time away from their core job of running your business, and can also lead to workplace injuries if not trained properly.

Employing A Cleaner Direct Can Cost More

Cleaning materials bought at retail cost can become expensive over time, particularly for large volume products such as toilet tissue, paper towels and garbage bags. By engaging a cleaning company, they can access bulk, wholesale pricing for you, which will save you money. The hidden costs that come with hiring directly are time, uniforms, training, inductions and all the necessary health and safety requirements needed before the cleaner starts work.


You may think anyone can be a cleaner, and, they can! But if you want a professional service and value for money, a professional Sydney cleaner is what you need for your office.  Outsourcing means you have an account manager as a point of contact and supervisor to ensure the cleaner is doing everything they should during their allocated hours.  There are extra added benefits too. You can ask the cleaner to report any faults, damage, or issues in your office building back to you, ensuring you have a safe and clean office for your staff.

There are also important services cleaners need to be trained on.  For example, the use of some chemicals to avoid burns, irritation and reactions for them and your staff, and things like cleaning at height, using electrical items which have been tested and tagged, and dealing with broken glass.  All these things may seem common sense, but if you don’t outsource your cleaning staff, then you become responsible for the health, safety and work environment of your cleaner.

Ultimately, there are lots of hidden costs associated with having an in-house cleaner and it’s worth weighing all these up before making the decision to take it in-house. In some instances it can be 25% more expensive to hire a cleaner direct, rather than outsourcing.

Compare the cost savings and added benefits of using a professional Sydney cleaning company and start running a more efficient office, with fewer overheads and hassle!



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