3 Key Cleaning Areas For Child Care Centres

Cleaning a childcare centre takes a little more diligence than say, an office or retail building.  Attention needs to be paid to key areas as hygiene and safety are of utmost importance.  Childcare centres are rife with the potential for nasty viruses that spread like wildfire and quickly rip through family homes across Sydney. Every effort must be made to keep childcare facilities as germ-free as possible.  Here are our top 3 key cleaning areas for child care centres which should be focussed on every day:-


Toys end up shared, played, and tussled over. They also end up in the mouths of younger children or grabbed and passed around by kids who haven’t washed their hands.  Make sure that all toys are cleaned and sanitised regularly. It’s a good idea to check for loose pieces or broken toys at the same time to avoid choking hazards or other cuts and injuries.


Bathrooms are a haven for germs, especially as younger ones learn to go to the bathroom on their own. It takes a little time to master the art of toilet training!  Make sure all nappy bins are closed tightly and emptied and cleaned regularly.  Also, spot check the bathrooms during the day to clean up any mess and to wipe down the sinks.  If children are making a mess washing their hands, maybe offer a pump sanitiser as a solution, or a hygienic hand dryer and to avoid slips and trips on wet floors.

3 Key Cleaning Areas

Soft Furnishings and Blankets

These items are often forgotten when it comes to cleaning, but all furnishings need to be cleaned regularly as germs, and other nasties can find a great home to breed in a deep pile carpet rug or a comfy sofa.  Vacuum soft furnishings regularly and wash covers once a month, or spot clean as and when spills and marks occur.  A good idea is to use an antibacterial spray such as Glen20 to kill any germs.  Flooring also needs to be mopped with a disinfectant, but look for gentler options so as not to irritate children’s skin, who are likely to touch the floor with bare hands and feet.

There you have it. Three key areas to focus on when cleaning a childcare centre. Talk to a reputable local Sydney cleaner who can also provide a regular service and offer useful advice on how to stay on top of the hygiene game in your Sydney childcare facility.



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