Top Tips for Graffiti Removal

There is good graffiti and bad graffiti.  Some pieces can be outstanding works of art that become local landmarks, and others are eyesores, nothing more than tags and offensive slogans which bring down the area and ruin the look of your home or commercial building.

Graffiti is illegal, but with global artists such as Banksy bringing the art form to the world stage, there is little chance of stopping it. Whether it’s a profound statement in art or mindless vandalism it’s your choice to have it removed and if needs to be got rid of, there are a few options you can take.

DIY Graffiti Removal

Depending on the paints and aerosols used, this does become a bit of a trial and error scenario. A pressure washer is your best bet with a mix of anything from paint thinners to baking soda.  Tougher marks may need to be handled with a sandblaster, but take care not to damage your walls as the high pressure can start to deteriorate surfaces and damage wall integrity.

Hire A Graffiti Removalist

It is often quicker, easier, and safer to call in the experts.  A reputable local cleaner will quickly work out which paints have been used and identify the right solvent to get rid of it for you.  By the time you have to hire out the pressure washer and buy the materials yourself, it’s often better value to call someone in to get the job done quickly and professionally.

Re-Paint Over Graffiti

If you are always spending your time cleaning and then having tags and graffiti appear again in a short period, you might want to look at just repainting the surface.  This does, however, leave a lovely blank wall, or space, that quickly becomes a tempting canvas for graffiti artists.  There is a code of honour and respect between local artists, so it might be a good idea to get a local artist to paint something tasteful on the wall.  You get a decent piece of street art, and ragtag vandals will stop spraying on your property.

Graffiti can be something beautiful, but it more often than not is annoying vandalism, it’s a frustrating part of urban city life which commercial building owners have to deal with daily.  Hopefully some of these solutions help you to keep your buildings graffiti free.

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