How To Choose The Right Strata Cleaner

Choosing the right strata cleaning company for your shared building can make all the difference. You can choose the cheapest on the market, but will you really get value for money? A price too good to be true may offer a cheap invoice at the end of the month, but you will most likely get very basic cleaning and none of the extras which are vital to the smooth maintenance of your strata company’s shared and common areas.

Choose best strata cleaner - Clean Focus

What to look for in a good strata cleaner

Strata cleaning commonly includes quite a lot of services and the difference between strata cleaning companies is highlighted, in particular, with the maintenance and individual services offered. After all, every building is different, so every strata service-cleaning contract should be too. Common scope of works are:-

  • Mopping all hard surfaces
    • Using correct chemicals and cleaning products to protect stone, marble, wooden and heritage floors.
    • Buffing, strip and seal of various floor coverings
  • Picking up all litter and debris scattered through common areas
  • Cleaning and polishing letterboxes
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all steps and walkways
  • Cleaning and oil management of all car park areas
  • Changing any light bulbs and cleaning all light fittings
  • Checking that emergency lights are working and clean
  • Taking out garbage bins, washing out bins
  • Cleaning of external and common area windows
  • Carpet vacuuming and steam cleaning
  • Gardening and pruning

Why is Clean Focus the right strata cleaner for you?

Clean Focus have many years of commercial and residential cleaning experience, and there hasn’t been a building we haven’t been able to clean and maintain to an exceptional standard yet. Whether it’s a new build, which may have expensive finishes, designer furniture and floor coverings; or a large old heritage building which need special treatments on wooden doors and a need for gentle yet effective cleaning of heritage parquet flooring, Clean Focus has the expertise and equipment to offer an outstanding job.

Clean Focus understands that strata managers are always incredibly busy. Look for professional strata cleaners who will not only clean the common areas but will also offer extra maintenance such as replacing light bulbs and other extras such as take out the bins, remove oil patches from car bays, and ensure that all strata areas are sparkling clean and well lit.

Clean Focus stands apart from other commercial or strata cleaners. We go the extra mile by not only carrying out all cleaning duties but also minor maintenance too, such as light bulb changes and reporting back any issues and WHS hazards. This gives you extra pairs of eyes in the building to help protect your tenants and maintain the standard of the strata building.

By choosing Clean Focus, you will be tapping into 14 years of commercial and residential cleaning experience and a team that genuinely cares about the job service they are delivering. Clean Focus has worked hard to build and maintain client relationships, and our success is a reflection of the trust, high quality and fair pricing we offer to our strata clients in Sydney and Perth.

Contact one of our professional cleaning team today who will visit your site and provide a no obligation quote.

Let us focus on your strata cleaning so you can get on with the job of running your building!



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