How Often Should I Get My Office Carpet Cleaned?

Good quality carpets can last many years, but there are several factors which contribute to the life of your office carpet.  Are they standard grey, thin, office carpet tiles, or are they of a higher quality? Is there a pattern, or pile in the carpet and what is the daily foot traffic?

Carpets also collect many things we cannot see; mites, bacteria, food particles, hair, odours and microbes which cling to the fibres and even the world’s best vacuum cleaners cannot get to. Professional carpet cleaning goes deep into the fibres of the carpet bringing up even the smallest of particles and deodorising at the same time.  A clean carpet can make an entire office look like new again; breathing a freshness onto office floors and also inspiring a complete cleanup.  A clean carpet doesn’t just look great; it makes you feel great too, to be working in a clean, fresh environment.


The average office should look to have their carpets cleaned annually. However it pays to check your lease agreement as often there are clauses in there regarding office carpet cleaning and maintenance.  You may look to clean your carpets more often depending on the nature of your business; for example, a childcare centre will need to clean their carpets far more often than the local travel agency.

The best time to clean your carpets is between seasons and before winter sets in.  A few cold and rainy days means that the carpet may stay slightly damp and cold underfoot, so book your carpet cleaning in while it’s sunny and dry.  Look for a company, which is recommended to you, and do your homework when it comes to quotes.  Something too cheap is likely to be a rushed or inadequate job.  As well as asking for cost, check how many hours you think they will need.  This will help you find an average time and spot the money-makers who won’t deliver a quality job.  If you have a good relationship with your current office cleaner, ask them if it is a service they could provide, or if they know someone in the industry who is trusted.

Ask your carpet cleaners what other services they can provide and negotiate that into the deal.  Some can offer a stain protection, or odour treatment, which can make a difference to the time between cleans and the hygiene of your carpet.  If you have an office dog, you may want to ask about any pet hair and stain prevention treatments!

You may want to look at having other flooring in your office cleaned at the same time.  Cleaning companies can bring in industrial steamers and buffers to give old kitchen and bathroom tiles a new lease of life.Professionally cleaning all your office floor surfaces can make your whole workplace feel like a different space!



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