How Do You Choose the Right Cleaner for You?

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Choosing a cleaner can be extremely difficult, especially when you have a ton of different choices in your area. So how do you choose the right cleaner ? It can be tedious to compare and contrast every offering in your area, and even then, do you even know what you’re looking for? That’s the first thing you should think about when considering cleaners. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Both the Cheapest and the Most Expensive Can Be Bad News

Everyone wants to save money, but finding the cheapest cleaner there is and choosing them based solely on their price can hurt way more than it benefits. Here’s probably what’s happening with cleaners that call themselves “the cheapest available”:

No insurance: regardless of which company you choose, you should always ensure they are fully insured and have public liability. If a company is very cheap, sometimes this is a corner they cut – and it’s completely inappropriate. Here at Clean Focus, we are both insured and carry liability.

Quick, lesser quality cleaning: time is valuable, and businesses that strive to be the cheapest may also take on too many clients in a single day. This may caused rushed, low-quality cleaning, resulting in an unsatisfactory job.

Inappropriate equipment: a good cleaner will have professional grade equipment, not just a vacuum from your neighborhood megamart.

Low-grade or dangerous chemicals: a quality cleaner will consider the environment and effectiveness of a chemical before using it on a client’s home. Those that are on the lower end of the price range may not research their chemicals and can use inappropriate cleaners.

Does the Cleaner Have Referrals?

We all have to start somewhere, but a good cleaner will still have references, even if they’re new on the scene. Many cleaners will have them right on their website where you can read. In addition, check Google and other review sites to see if they have built a reputation on any of them. Finally, simply ask and see if they have any referrals on file that you may be able to call or otherwise contact to ensure quality services.

A Professional Attitude is a Must

No matter how good a company’s credentials are and no matter how good they look on paper, if you meet them face-to-face and they just aren’t hitting the mark in professionalism, don’t hire them. An unprofessional attitude can often indicate larger business problems. The client always come first, and no matter what, they should always be treated tactfully, professionally and with a friendly smile.

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The Detailed Quote

All cleaning companies that are proper companies will be able to offer you a quote by either phone or by coming to your property, depending on the specific needs you have. When you get a quote, give it a good glance. How detailed is it? While not all quotes require specific details on each and every service that’s going to be done, most should include a breakdown per room depending on what needs to be done in that room. In addition, a company should provide you with an hourly rate, all information about their insurance and liability, and contact information. Any quote that seems less detailed – or is written on a piece of paper without any other identifying features – isn’t good.

In the End, Go with Your Gut

While making sure a company has good insurance, a good quoting system, is professional and is priced well (but not too well) are all important, in the end it’s incredibly important to go with your gut. Which company feels good to you? Which one made you feel most human? Which one makes you think they’ll do a good job? Go with what you think is the best choice. If you need advice, further guidance or you want to give us a try, please call us at Clean Focus today.



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