How commercial cleaning can improve office air quality

Most of us know that businesses need to engage a reputable commercial cleaner to deliver a high standard of cleaning. However, there are a few additional ways to provide a safe and germ-free environment for employees.

By reviewing and incorporating extra cleaning processes you can drastically improve the air quality in your office.

Why should you improve office air quality?

Air purifier for improving air quality in your office brings about many benefits. Employees feel better and are therefore more engaged and productive. Morale levels rise and sickness days reduce. Sharing the improvements you are making to office air quality is a morale booster. It also shows your employees that you care about their working environment and their health.

Here are the Clean Focus top tips to improving office air quality!

Remove the scent

Do you know what cleaning chemicals are being used in your office? Change your cleaning chemicals to green, environmentally friendly products. These chemicals don’t have strong, overpowering fake scents which can irritate skin and cause sneezes and coughs. In the current climate, an employee having a running nose or the sniffles is bad news. So, it’s wise to keep those allergy symptoms at bay by taking away aggravating toxins in the workplace.

Remove the dust not move it

How is your current commercial cleaner managing dust and cleaning? They should be using a microfibre cloth, slightly damp, to collect and remove dust not just move it around the office.

Open windows

If you are in a high rise office tower, this may be difficult, however, if there is an opportunity to open up some windows to let in the fresh air, it’s highly recommended.

Air conditioning vents

Are your cleaners paying regular attention to the air vents in the building? Quite often, air vents are left to gather dust which means airways are blocked up meaning air conditioning units operate at a sub-par level. Add regular checks, cleaning and maintenance of your air filter and vents.

Hepa Filters

Ask your local office cleaner to use vacuum cleaners which have HEPA filters to collect airborne particles and freshen the air where cleaning takes place. You may also want to consider installing commercial hand dryers with Hepa filters to remove odours, germs and bacteria from your office bathrooms.

Have more questions about improving the air quality of your office? Chat to one of our Clean Focus cleaning crew today!

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