5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Change Your Office Cleaner

Hiring a good office cleaner who delivers what they say they will can seem like the Holy Grail for facilities and building managers.  When it comes to tender time, cleaning companies scramble over themselves to promise the earth, but that promise often becomes short lived.  Soon, that familiar feeling around month 3 or 4, is when you start to notice the staff changing over, the standards slipping, and to excuse the cleaning pun, ‘the shine’ comes off the service, and the gap between expectation and reality begins to grow.

There are many service related reasons businesses look to change office cleaners, and Clean Focus have collated this information and have the top 5 answers given from new clients when asked ‘why the switch?’

Cleaning Staff Don’t Know How To Recycle

Facilities Managers are getting hit harder and harder with green targets, and revealing reports in the media have shone a light on commercial waste, so it is more important than ever to ensure office waste is separated and disposed of correctly.  Thoughtless cleaning staff can easily contaminate mixed recycling, and make a cleaning pick up service you are paying for worthless.  Making recycling targets a KPI for your Sydney office cleaner can give you leverage, and keep your cleaners focussed on the importance of correct waste disposal and recycling.


Unreliable Cleaning Staff

Cleaning staff are notoriously high turnover and if not trained properly, offer an ineffective service doing ‘just enough’, rather than ‘going the extra mile’.  Ask your commercial cleaning contractor to demonstrate how they keep their staff interested and engaged whilst maintaining the expected level of service. There is also a risk of security breaches and theft as most Sydney office cleaning is performed outside work hours. How does your cleaner screen and employ staff, and what measures to they have in place to protect your property and company security?

Quality Control

Quality control is a hot topic for building, facilities, and office managers.  All too often the standard and care factor slips dramatically after the first few months, especially if you are into a 12, or 24 month contract.  There are two main ways to maintain the expected level of service. One, create a 12mth contract which has a one month notice ‘get out’, if service standards are not met, or better still go on a month to month contract.  This ensures that cleaning companies don’t get complacent and perceive your business as a cash cow.  The second option is to have frequent communication with your cleaning supervisor or account manager, but this may not be achievable if on-site supervision is lacking.

Lack Of Supervision

How does your current office cleaning company guarantee efficient service from their staff?  If you work in a large office building, there should be regular, on-site supervision. A supervisor or account manager should also meet with the client every week or month, as this is an excellent way to give feedback and raise concerns.

Inefficient Service

Are you paying the right amount for the service you are receiving?  The cleaning industry, like all major industries, has those who want to make the most money for the least effort.  Do some due diligence and ask for proof that the cleaners assigned to your office are fully trained, legal to work in Australia and are paid a fair wage, for fair work.  Underpaid, illegal cleaners are more likely to supply sub-par service and can land your own business in trouble. Take a close look at the schedule and hours allocated, if possible, supervise a shift yourself to make sure you aren’t paying for trumped up hours. Lastly, check your consumables. Yes, a cleaning company needs to make a profit, but check that the consumables you are paying for are the ones you are receiving on site.

As with any major service provider, trust is the key to a great working partnership.  Take heed of the major pain points for facilities managers, and by adjusting the way you manage your cleaners, and taking a keener interest in their operation, you are likely to see a rise in your commercial office cleaning service.

If you don’t see an improvement, cut the ties and seek out a Sydney office cleaner who will deliver consistently throughout the term of the contract. After all, most facilities and office managers simply don’t have the time to be chasing up poor service from their vendors!





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