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Professional Window Cleaners

If you are on the lookout for professional window cleaners in Australia, you should know that not all cleaning companies will give you what you need. There are a lot of cleaning companies that can say this but really cannot deliver as promised. Here at Clean Focus we make sure that you are satisfied with the way we clean your windows.

It’s time to call Professional Window Cleaners

If you see a window which has many spots, residues and rain marks, it is about time to call professional window cleaners. Have you ever tried clearing out those rain marks with tap water and other chemicals but the marks are persistently stuck on the glass? Well these are mineral and sedimental residues which are from tap water and rain water. Believe it or not, the water that you drink from tap is the water that leaves that irritating mark on the windows.

Pure Water Cleaning System: The Clean Focus Method

There is no better way to clean a window than by using pure water technology. Clean Focus uses pure water cleaning technology for all our window cleaning services. Tap water and rain water leave unwanted marks in windows, unlike pure water. It is free of sediments and minerals which stick on the glass of a window even after the water has been thoroughly wiped and dried out.

Pure water is achieved by reverse osmosis and ionization which eliminates all minerals and sediments found in both soft tap water and hard tap water. The purity of water is measure by PPM. Hard tap water has 400PPM and soft tap water can get a 050PPM reading. But pure water is 000PPM. This means that the closest PPM to zero is better not just for cleaning windows but for cleaning other surfaces as well. This purity is only achieved by using state of the art filtrations, ionizations and machines that Clean Focus uses in its entire window cleaning services.

Pure water is a very powerful cleaning agent that leaves the window surface free from spots and marks.

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Water-Fed Poles

Water fed poles are needed to clean hard to reach windows. A pure water fed pole system is used to clean high windows. Our water fed poles can reach as high as 80 feet. By using this kind of cleaning method, we eliminate the risk of danger in the workplace. These telescopic poles eliminate the use of ladders which makes work faster and more efficient. You will get cleaner glass and frames without the use of any chemicals. Pure water fed from the poles attract dirt and grime from windows, and any other surface, which makes it a better process of cleaning windows.

No More Dirt with Pure Water

Bird droppings, acid rain marks, tap water sediments markings can be hard to clean if you are using impure water. Clean Focus uses only the state of the art technology to turn your tap water into pure water, which in is the best cleaning agent to make your windows spotless clean again.

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