10 Zero Waste Management Tips

The environment and our care for it is still hitting the headlines as we head into the new decade. Organic food is more accessible and cheaper than ever before and there are blogs, Instagram influencers, and even TV programs that are dedicated to living a more sustainable lifestyle and reducing the waste we produce.

There are plenty of small steps and easy, practical ways to aim for a zero-waste lifestyle which are applicable for the home as well as for businesses who have waste management targets and green policies to adhere to:-

Stop single-use

Once you start shifting your thinking and think twice about single-use items heading into your trolley or arriving at your place of work, you’ll quickly see ways to dramatically reduce your waste consumption.

  • Refuse the plastic straws in cafes, restaurants, and bars
  • Ditch the single-use plastic bottle for a stainless steel reusable one and think about investing in a SodaStream for your sparkling water needs
  • Consider making the leap to eco-friendly and washable nappies and ditch packets of tissues for cotton handkerchiefs
  • Buy a couple of KeepCups for your morning coffee or order in branded ones as a gift to staff and clients to keep paper coffee cups out of the workplace.

Reuse and recycle

Before you throw out your old clothes or put unused furniture out for street collection, take a second look at who else could benefit.  Charities and local community organizations may be crying out for clothing or bedding donations, and furniture could be sold or donated for free on sites such as Gumtree and given a new lease of life.  If you have a solid, older piece of furniture, you may feel like taking on a hobby project as a strip back and repaint can turn a white elephant into a centerpiece of your home.


Transform your textiles

Keep old bedding as they make a great, sustainable wrapping and protection option for furniture and electrical goods when you move house.  They can also be stored in the garage and used for painting and decorating jobs as drop sheets and when they become old and threadbare you can cut up sheets and towels to make excellent washable cleaning cloths which are used by sustainable commercial cleaning teams like CleanFocus.

Ditch fast fashion

Brit’s are high up the rankings when it comes to the sheer amount of cheap, throwaway clothing which makes it’s way daily to the landfill.  Rather than be tempted by cheap, quick delivery fashion that only lasts a few wears, saves up for classic pieces of clothing that fit well and last a long time.  Classic pieces never go out of style and you’ll feel a million dollars in higher quality clothing and shoes which are made locally and support the local economy too!

Take a look under your sink

How many different sprays, disposable wipes, foams, and liquids do you have for the myriad of different surfaces and rooms in your home or at your business?  Ditch them all and opt for greener, phosphate-free multipurpose options which still do a great job, but minimize the pollution to our water systems and the many plastic bottles and packaging heading to your recycling bins.  If you run a business, speak to your local commercial cleaning company who can share their ideas and green cleaning options

Meal prep means less food waste

Meal prepping is a bit of a trend at the moment and can seem a little overwhelming and time consuming, but with a bit of practice, meal prepping can make a positive difference and greatly reduce food waste.  Planning ahead means that you just buy what you need for the week and don’t need to think about dashing out to the shops, racking your brains for what to have for lunch, or realizing you have nothing in and ordering a take away which will arrive in single-use plastic containers or pizza boxes.  Having a reliable water filter at home is also a factor to consider. In the workplace, encourage staff to meal prep and bring their own lunches by sharing recipes and encouraging staff to use reusable food containers to reduce packaging heading to your bins!

Educate the kids on cheap toys

A free toy with a fast-food kids meal may seem fun at the time, but it really is just another piece of cheap plastic that will break quickly and head to the bin.  When buying toys for children, think about buying local, sustainable, and educational rather than cheap plastic imports from the local market or online from overseas.

Even your teeth can contribute to zero waste

Did you know that there are hundreds of millions of plastic toothbrushes heading to UK landfills every year? That’s a CRAZY amount of waste.  Switch to biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes which can be delivered to your home every three months and you will instantly reduce the amount of waste in your home, hotel, or place of work.

Meat reduce

You only need to switch on the TV or open a magazine to see an advert for a new vegan food option or vegetarian range of foods.  Veganism is on the rise and while most of us won’t make the full switch to being vegan, you can greatly reduce waste and your carbon footprint by skipping meat once a week.  You’ll be helping the planet and you may even notice your skin looking brighter and your waste looking slimmer!

Separate your organic waste

We are all pretty well trained in recycling, but how many of us separate our food waste?  It’s quite easy to set up a composting bin at home, or at work and you can even get the kids involved and educated in taking care of the planet by setting up a worm farm. The compost you create can give your home herb garden or veggie patch a boost too!


There you have it. Top ten zero waste management tips for home and work, helping you easily transition and aim for minimal waste, reduced carbon, sustainable lifestyle.



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