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At Clean Focus in Sydney city area we offer superior strata cleaning at an affordable rate! Our cleaning teams are eager to help you get your strata building looking spic and span and appealing to all that use it! Our cleaners are meticulous when it comes to cleaning away even the toughest of grime. Try us now for the best clean for your strata building.

Strata Cleaning Sydney City

Clean Focus Services

16 Year's

Clean Focus Services


Clean Focus Services


Clean Focus Services


Are you looking for experienced strata cleaners?

Our strata cleaners available to you in the Sydney city area are experienced and we have been in the cleaning game for over 15 years! We know how to do a deep clean so that the end result is a pristine and ordered strata. Clean Focus is eager to assist your cleaning needs!

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Consistently high cleaning standards for your strata cleaning

The Clean Focus team are proud of our work history and strong references. The strata cleaning team servicing Sydney City are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and can tailor services to suit you. Just ask!

Amazing strata cleaning is all about communication

What’s the difference between finding a good strata cleaner in Sydney City and a great one? It’s working with one that takes time to understand your building, the standards required, and your tenants. Call Clean Focus today!

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