COVID-19 Sanitisation Cleaning

Biohazard cleaning services that kill 99.9% of all known viruses & bacteria.

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Specialised COVID-19 cleaning services.

Want to ensure your premises are hygienically sanitised & clean in all common areas? Clean Focus has introduced a specialised COVID-19 cleaning service which kills 99.9% of virus causing bacteria covering not only Coronavirus causing bacteria but other harmful surface bacteria.

Our Germicide Quat has quaternary ammonium compounds designed to kill germs. This is a broad spectrum disinfectant with a breakthrough antibacterial active chemical to ensure maximum impact while not harming surfaces and finished floors.

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Clean Focus Services


Sterilise your office or retail store

We offer regular office cleaning and sanitisation services specifically tailored to kill virus inducing bacteria and quash the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. We can do this daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your type of office and business operation, whether it be commercial, residential, retail or corporate.

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Sterilise your pub, club, hotel or restaurant

Never has there been a more vital time for those in hospitality to ensure their premises are hospital-grade clean at all times. Our Germicide Quat deep-clean regime will give patrons confidence your premises are sanitised to the highest standard, offering peace of mind that you are meeting all health and safety requirements and doing what you can to stop the spread of harmful bacteria.

Gyms and sports clubs

Regular cleaning is vital in bacteria hotbeds such as gyms and sports clubs. Daily run throughs with our Germicide bacteria killing agent will ensure a sterile and safe environment for people to continue their training. Cleaning options are cost effective and will give those who use your premises confidence that it is being maintained at the highest standards.

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