Getting The Most Out Of Your Commercial Cleaning Team

If you run an office or commercial building, you likely outsource your cleaning to a commercial cleaning team. It’s rare to have in-house cleaners, and depending on the size of your operation; you may employ a large cleaning team’s services.

So, how do you get the most out of your commercial cleaning team?

Facilities and building managers have a lot of plates to spin. There is preventative maintenance to organise, repairs to respond to and budgets and invoicing to manage. The last thing you need to do is to micro-manage a team of cleaners or deal with sub-standard service. Here, at Clean Focus, we want to share our experiences and tips in getting the very best out of your commercial cleaners.

Do you have a good cleaning supervisor?

Take a look at your current cleaning contract and focus on what you are paying for account management and supervision. Then, weigh that up with the service delivery. Is your cleaning supervisor in regular contact? Are they proactive in finding better solutions and processes to deliver an over and above service? Are the cleaning team engaged, happy and well trained? A good leader is critical to professional service delivery and excellent cleaning service.

Your cleaning team can assist in other ways

Speak to your commercial cleaning team about other ways they can make your life easier. For example; they are walking the floors whilst cleaning daily, making sense that they report anything they see, such as repairs or WHS hazards. They may also be able to top up pantry items such as coffee and tea bags in kitchenettes. These additional tasks take very little time for the cleaning team and become immeasurable help to facilities and building managers.

Focus on waste

Liaise with your commercial cleaning team and account manager about waste. Waste pick up, and processing can be costly. By reducing waste and simplifying waste streams, you immediately reduce your waste bills. Having less waste to manage means you can re-direct your cleaning teams to other areas of your site to up-lift and deliver an exceptional office clean.

Implementing some new processes and putting the ownership of the team back on your cleaning supervisor will not only alleviate pressure in your working day, but will also deliver a notable uplift in your cleaning service.

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