Why you should employ a professional cleaner

If you run a small business or start-up cash flow is tight and operational budgets are even tighter.  It’s also hard to let things go, and small business owners tend to want to ‘do it all’. They end up overstretched, staying up late into the night balancing books, invoicing and business planning.

When it comes to cleaning for a small business, you may feel that responding to a local ad is best. However, there are 5 good reasons to avoid this route and employ the services of a professional cleaner for your commercial premises.

COVID Safe Cleaning

There are official guidelines set out by Safework Australia when it comes to maintaining a COVID-Safe business environment. There have already been fines doled out to businesses and there is also the threat of prosecution if you don’t adhere to government guidelines. Seek out a commercial cleaning company which has experience in COVID-19 cleaning processes and employer a cleaning team who have all the correct training, PPE and cleaning chemicals to keep your business safe.

Ethical Employment

Do the right thing and employ a cleaner who is paid fairly and receives proper training equipment and benefits. Using a professional cleaning team means not only is the employee protected, but that you are too.  What would happen if your current cleaner was injured, or reacted badly to cleaning chemicals you provided? What happens if there is a security breach or theft? All these things can be managed by your cleaning supervisor and your contract will ensure protection on both sides and a happy, engaged cleaning team who will deliver an exceptional cleaning service.

Reporting and Accountability

Engaging the services of a commercial cleaning team means you have access to valuable reporting. Are the cleaning hours accurate? What are the team doing while they are on-site? Are you meeting your green targets? Can improvements be made to deliver a higher standard of cleaning? You will have one contact, usually, a supervisor who can do all the hard work for you and deliver measurable reports.

Added Value

Your current cleaner may head into your site clean and go. By choosing to employ a professional cleaner, there is plenty of added value to be gained. Commercial cleaning teams can log, audit and check items for repair, saving you time and hassle. For example; broken bathroom door locks, lightbulb replacement, leaks, cracks and trip hazards such as lifting carpet tiles can all be collected and reported back to you, so you can ensure speedy repair.

Free time, focus on running the business

Engaging a commercial cleaning company will give you valuable time back in many ways.  No more scrambling for cash to put in an envelope for your cleaner. No more wasted time calling around for a replacement cleaner when one quits or calls in sick. Long gone are wasted afternoons spent walking through the cleaning schedule every time a new cleaner comes on board. You also have peace of mind when it comes to a COVID-Safe working environment and paying and employing cleaners ethically.



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