Why You Should Regularly Use Professional Cleaning Services

Small start-up tech firms, large commercial offices, industrial premises and retail outlets all have one need in common.

Regular cleaning! 

Cleaning is important for many reasons. Staff well-being, customer health and satisfaction, sales, motivation, marketing and safety. If you don’t have a reliable, regular professional cleaning service at your place of work, it’s time to read on and find out how you can bring your cleaning game up to scratch.

There are several ways you can arrange cleaning for your commercial premises from asking your auntie Jan to put the vacuum around once a week to answering an ad offering cleaning services on Gumtree, and of course, the most popular way, a bit of ‘Googling’. However, if you want a job completed safely and of high quality, you should be investing in professional cleaning services, and here are three solid reasons why.


Safety is by far the biggest risk if you choose not to engage in a professional cleaning company with solid credentials. Ask your cleaning manager to provide evidence of staff training and inductions and ask for MSDS sheets on the chemicals they use any required Personal protective equipment (PPE) which should be readily available. Your cleaning manager should be able to provide all of this information instantly. If they drag their feet or make excuses, alarm bells should start to ring and it could well be time to change cleaners.


Using a professional cleaning services company means that you get peace of mind and a consistent high-quality cleaning standard. If a cleaner is away on holiday, or sick, you will know that the replacement cleaner is trained to work on your site and follow process without a dip in service. 

A reputable commercial cleaner will commonly assign a cleaning supervisor to your site who will spot check, train and supervise the team as well as report any defects or issues back to you. This layer of supervision may at first seem a costly addition. However, the time saved and improvements in consistent, safe and effective cleaning can pay for itself in no time. You have one point of contact and one chain of communication, perfect for busy or industrial sites which may house expensive equipment, or host lots of events.

Larger commercial sites can also benefit from reporting.  Areas such as waste management, hours, staffing, and any building issues, damage or defects can be communicated and presented to you, usually through an online portal or regular on-site meetings with your cleaning supervisor. 

Ensure that when you go out to tender questions for cleaning services, you ask the right ones to get the very best out of your cleaning team.

Ethical Practices

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running. It’s important to do the right thing and run your business ethically with a duty of care to all staff every single day, right down to your contractors and cleaning staff. By choosing a professional commercial cleaning company you can be assured that the cleaners who come to your site have full working rights and legitimate visas. The company should also provide in their contract of services that they are paying their staff legally and fairly according to award rates and minimum wage. 

A professional cleaning services company will also add value and ethical cleaning options in other ways. Green cleaning chemicals, recycling and waste initiatives for your building, energy management through low power equipment and ensuring the lights are switched off in the evening for example. With facilities and building managers increasingly told to hit green targets, it can be useful to engage your commercial cleaning company as an environmental partner. 

There you have it. Three solid reasons why you should regularly use professional cleaning services, no matter what size or type of business you run.

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