Which Houseplants Are Safe For Pets?

which houseplants are safe for pets

We all love a nice houseplant, however many of us are completely unaware that in our homes are pretty, yet toxic houseplants which can harm, or even kill our pets if they are ingested. Indoor houseplants bring many benefits; they purify the air, give you a sense of wellbeing and are proven to be a stressbuster (just think about how you feel when you are presented with a plant gift or lovely bunch of flowers) and they look fantastic in any space, making a house a home. So, which houseplants are safe for pets?

Spider Plants

Spider plants look stunning and only need minimum maintenance. They work hard as natural air purifiers and are a great apartment plant as they thrive with low light access. Just be careful to keep them up high, away from your resident furball as the long leaves may prove to0 tempting to avoid playing with and you may end up with a smashed plant pot.

houseplants safe for pets

Green Herbs

Not all herbs are safe for pets, for example, lavender is poisonous.  However, there are lots of green herbs such as basil, sage and thyme which are safe for pets and also a great practical plant. They smell fantastic and will add some extra taste and fragrance to your dinner!

green herbs safe for pets


Bamboo is the perfect choice for contemporary and minimalist style homes.  They take little upkeep, bring the outside in without the clutter and are not only safe for your pets but unlikely to cause any interest for your pet, leaving it looking stylish and undamaged all year round.

which houseplants are safe for pets

Air Plants

Like bamboo plants, air plants are just perfect for a contemporary home or small space. They can be large, or small enough for a desk plant. The great thing about air plants is that they are safe for your pets and also, no dirt filled pots to be knocked over and broken! Avoid the inevitable carpet clean with a selection of air plants in designer pots.

are air plants safe for pets

Areca Palms

This. guys are the statement piece for your home. They are non-toxic and great air purifiers. Put one in your hallway, or to add some dramatics to a bare corner of your home. Your pets will enjoy nosing around these plants, and if you have a cat, be sure to check the plant pot frequently, as a large pot full of dirt can potentially be mistaken for a litter box!

which plants are safe for pets

Gardening Tip: Increase Humidity for Houseplants

By understanding which houseplants are safe for your pets, you can surround yourself with stunning flora and fauna or buy pets supplies to change the way your home looks and you won’t have to worry about your four-legged forever friend becoming inquisitive or having the odd nibble!



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