What is a sparkle clean?

The term sparkle clean is a pretty descriptive one. It’s also known as a builder or construction clean and it’s an extremely detailed clean of a home, or commercial premises, right after construction work has taken place.

Once the builders have left, it’s wise to book a sparkle clean rather than a regular commercial or office clean. Why? Builders eave-behind materials, dust, paint as well as footprints and finger marks all over the site. A specialist sparkle clean or builders clean team can go through every inch of the site and ensure it looks brand new, and as if the bulders were never there.

Who should book a sparkle clean?

  • Building managers who are about to lease a new site
  • End of lease commercial cleans for tenants
  • After any major renovations
  • New build house inspections and auctions

What does a sparkle clean entail?

  • Removal of all dust and building materials
  • Deep clean of all surfaces including flooring and carpets
  • Polish of hard floors
  • Detailed window clean including all blinds
  • Power washing of the exterior of the building
  • Polish of chrome, mirrors, glass and stainless steel
  • Detailed clean of skirting boards, paint rails, coves and door frames
  • Removal of sticky label residue and wrappings
  • Rubbish removal from site

Sparkle cleans vary from job to job depending on the size of the property and the size, finishes and equipment which needs to be cleaned.  For example; it may cost more and take a longer time if the commercial premises has several floors and may need window cleaners to abseil the building.  Or, the premises may be a heritage building where a plan will need to be in place for the types of cleaning practices and chemicals which you are able to use.

Your sparkle clean or builders clean specialist can give you a detailed quote and then send in a fully trained, professional team which will have your premises looking clean and sparkling!



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