What does a builders clean include?

What is a builders clean and why do you need one?

A builders clean is carried out by a specialist cleaning team who are trained to go to a site once construction, demolition, decoration or renovation is complete to perform a deep clean and a high standard of finish leaving the site looking as if builders were never there!

Renovations and building works are usually quite costly, so it pays to invest in a specialist clean to show off the finished project and have the site ready to move in, work in or live in.

So, what does a builders clean include?

Your usual office cleaner will not have the right training for the job at hand, so be sure to hire a professional builders clean team or construction cleaning team.  They will have all the necessary cleaning chemicals, equipment and of course safety equipment and PPE to carry out a thorough and safe job.  Each site is different and will need to be assessed for a detailed schedule of works and quote, but in broad terms, most builders cleans will include:-

  • Detailed dusting focusing on skirting boards, ledges, windows and doors
  • Deep clean of carpets and soft furnishings
  • Toilets, bathrooms
  • Mopping of all hard surface flooring
  • Buff and polish of reception areas and lobby flooring
  • Chrome and mirrors left sparkling
  • Light fittings and switches cleaned and dusted
  • Rubbish removal
  • Deep clean and sanitisation of the entire area

Top tip before booking your builders clean

The Clean Focus top tip before booking your builders clean is to wait 24-48 hours after the builders have left? Why? Well, as the saying goes, it’s best to wait for the dust to settle (literally!).  After major building works dust particles can still hang around and be circulated via airconditioning. By waiting for a day or two, the dust can truly settle and the cleaners can go in and perform a deep clean of your site, without having to return a day or two later when brick and building dust re-appears.



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