3 easy ways to improve the efficiency of your cleaning business

Running any small business is challenging.  Long hours, not taking a salary in the first couple of years and setting up systems, processes and accounting.  It’s a lot to take on for any business owner, and as commercial cleaning is a service industry, there’s the extra responsibility of employing people.

Many small to medium cleaning business owners find themselves trapped with a heavy workload and little headspace to plan and grow their business. You will need to allocate a little time upfront, but our easy tips to improve the efficiency of your cleaning business will change your working week! Not only will your working week become more organised, but you may also even pick up some new clients along the way too!

Schedule your client account meetings

When you’re running around trying to organise cleaners and deal with scheduling and invoicing, putting a call into your clients may drop off the radar.  What happens is your client will fall into a pattern of only contacting you to chase something up or raise an issue.  Keep your business relationship positive and proactive with regularly scheduled calls or catch-ups.  Do the same with your commercial cleaning teams and supervisors and get them to provide selected information each week. After a month, you’ll feel like you have a real handle on what’s happening in your business and where you can improve.

3 easy ways to improve the efficiency of your cleaning business

Create a social media calendar

Do you have a Facebook Page? When was it last updated? Is your content interesting? How many followers do you have? Chances are, your social media account is sporadic and updated here and there with no real engagement. An unmanaged business social media account can be damaging or your business.  Hop on to a free service such as Canva to create a brand template for Instagram or Facebook, then spend an hour or two creating quick, helpful posts and information and deals about your business. There are plenty of free resources online which can help you plan your content. Or, you may wish to do away with the headache entirely and outsource your digital marketing to an expert.

3 easy ways to improve the efficiency of your cleaning business

Invest in an online tool specifically for cleaning businesses

There are many tools online which work seamlessly on desktop and mobile which is perfect for your cleaning team. Platforms such as Jobber help you schedule, report and invoice in one central place.  No more fiddling around with excel spreadsheets or working late into the night sending out invoices. Notifier is also a good tools for your business,  it is a tool for getting notified when keywords you care about are mentioned on Social Media. There are varying platforms to suit all budgets and software systems.  Just be sure to get one that works effectively on technology and is easy for your teams to use.

There you have it, 3 easy ways to improve the efficiency of your cleaning business. Set aside a little time to plan, schedule and set up and you’ll find yourself clawing back several hours in your working week. Leaving you time to reset, recharge and grow your commercial cleaning business.

3 easy ways to improve the efficiency of your cleaning business



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