Top Tips For Cleaning Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is a common material used in commercial buildings across Australia and there are some good reasons why.  Terrazzo is a blend of genuine marble chips and concrete or another type of resin.  High-quality terrazzo is still affordable, is long-lasting and offers the same finish and shine as genuine marble flooring and we have some top tips for cleaning terrazzo flooring.

The downside to terrazzo is that the concrete and resin mix is porous and over time absorbs stains and causes discolouration. To combat this, a common maintenance tip is to strip and seal the flooring twice a year. This maintains that shiny just laid finish which is important in office buildings, apartment lobbies and reception areas.

Here are our top tips for cleaning terrazzo flooring!

Less is more

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining terrazzo floors, it’s best to avoid over-cleaning and using strong chemicals. For example, you should only lightly dust mop at the end of each day, nothing more.

Lightly wet mop once a week

Sweep or vacuum the area thoroughly once a week to remove any dust and debris, then use a high-quality, non-abrasive detergent to lightly mop the flooring.  Do not drench the floor as the porous material will absorb water stains. It will also make it a slip hazard! Corden off the area until completely dry

Use a buffer to bring up the shine!

Hire a professional cleaner with experience in terrazzo flooring who will have the equipment and the proper training to buff your flooring to perfection.  It’s important to find a balance between high shine flooring and creating an ice-rink and your professional cleaner can make the right call based on the flooring, any sealant you have in place and the foot traffic.

Strip and seal twice a year

Engage your professional cleaner to strip and seal approximately twice a year. If you are in a high foot traffic area, you may need to do this more frequently and you’ll know when it’s time for a strip and seal for your flooring when the shine begins to fade in patches.

There you have it, our top tips for cleaning terrazzo flooring.  Got more questions or after a quote? Call or live chat with our friendly professional cleaning team today!



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