The right time to be the cheapest cleaner ?

Cheapest Cleaner Sydney – When To Drop Your Pants On A Cleaning Quotation Commercial cleaning has attracted many and offers great benefits. However, every now and then when the competition gets tough, the question when to be the cheapest cleaner comes up. There are times when you need to be super competitive with cleaning quotations. Following are some examples of those situations when you need to provide, let’s just say, a CHEAP CLEANING QUOTE.

Job Quote Location is near an existing one

Getting a new cleaning job allocated next to a current job is a great opportunity to make your price more competitive. Clients are always looking for ways to reduce their cost and they will certainly be happy to get a cleaning service that will not cost them a lot without compromising with quality.

Large Client – Should I go in at cost!

It’s always good to have a long list of clients, but nothing better than landing a large client who can provide you with consistent work keeping work. The reason being, it adds stability to your business and allows you to easily predict and forecast revenue each month.

If you get a client who is interested in your cleaning services and has the ability to provide you with loads of work and pay on time, you surely want to add this client to your permanent client list. Offering a competitive cleaning contract quotations for the first job might get you in and break the ice , but make sure that your next quote is not drastically higher or they feel your taking an advantage of them or even ripping them off.

Importance of the Job

Cleaning jobs that can add value to your portfolio should be treated with utmost importance. This is one occasion where you are fully justified to offer the cheapest and leanest possible rate to a client as it will pay off in the future.

If you’re cleaning a recognizable landmark in your city you can use this as leverage to potential new clients. The moment clients hear that you clean landmarks xyz they will deem your services credible and use this as leverage. It’s is the contract that you want to highlight in all your future clients.

Is it a recurring cleaning job or a one off job?

Special consideration should always be given to jobs that are recurring. Not only will it provide a stable income, helps with forecasting and a lot easier to manage jobs. As a business you will enjoy long term benefits from such contracts.

This is another situation where you must offer a very competitive industrial cleaning quotation.

Supply and Demand

If you start finding more cleaning companies offering their services in your area, you will have to find a way to make your service more attractive.

Lowering the price has done the trick for many. However, lowering the price does not mean offering your services without making any profit. It simply means reducing your profit margin as much as possible to become a better choice in your market for a longer term gain. It is a real balancing act !

Compare Competitors
Having a good understanding of what your competitors are charging for their services will greatly help. You can get this information from the site of your competitors and by talking to associates and friends who have previously used their service.

Lack of Customer Loyalty a Factor

Unfortunately, customers who choose services on the basis of price are generally not very loyal. They might choose another service the moment they are offered a lower price.

It is important to impress your clients with the quality of your service, not just by the price.

All clients have a basic expectation that requires to be met in every job. If you can offer your cleaning service at a lower price and still provide high quality service, you will significantly improve the chances of your clients sticking with you.

Revise Your Cleaning Fee Periodically

The best part of owning a business is that you have the flexibility to set your prices. However, there isn’t a definite formula that will help you find the most attractive price.

Demand and supply is never constant, it can change periodically. Revising your service fee every 6 months will help you stay ahead of the game.

Calculate your Costs before Dropping the Price on your Cleaning Quotation

Before you reduce the price for your cleaning service you must carefully analyse your cost of providing the service to your clients. Following are three parts that make up the cost of offering any service:

Materials cost: This includes the cost of cleaning solutions, rubber gloves, paper towels, etc.

Find ways to reduce your material costs without impacting the quality of your service. You can do this by contacting multiple suppliers and finding the best rate.

Try to benefit from the competition among suppliers. If you can order all your supplies for the month at once, you might be eligible for additional discounts.

Cost of Labour: This is the cost of hiring professional cleaners to provide your service.

You can try to negotiate the hourly rate with your cleaners, or find cleaners that can offer similar service for a slightly lower price.

Use a time card and clock to keep a check on the time taken by each cleaner to perform their tasks. As per research this approach can significantly increase the productivity of your labour and also their work satisfaction.

Overhead costs: This includes all the indirect costs to your company, including cost of administration and maintaining an office, taxes, advertising, utilities, insurance, etc.

Many cleaning companies make the mistake of overlooking their overhead costs when they reduce their fee on cleaning quotations. At the end of the day, to run a profitable business you must charge a percentage of your overhead costs to all your customers.

When calculating overhead costs, don’t use the figures from last year as it could easily mislead. Recalculate your overhead costs at least annually to avoid errors.


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