Strata Cleaners Sydney – What is it all about ?

Professional Strata Cleaners Sydney

Strata cleaners are, in short, incredibly important when you are part of the owners corporation. A professional strata cleaner’s key objective is to enhance your property by making it more presentable and well maintained. This is generally on a regular basis’s either weekly, fortnightly or monthly , this is to ensure to attract the best tenants.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to know as an owners corporation what you want from your strata maintenance provider and more importantly what to expect from the strata cleaning company your going to engage.

What, Exactly, is Strata?

If you’re looking for a strata cleaner, obviously it’s important you know exactly what strata is! Strata is, in general, apartment complexes or other types of dwelling that are combined instead of separate titles. This includes horizontal and vertical blocks of units. The idea of strata was introduced in 1961 when the only way to divide the ownership of apartment buildings was through a company title, which left Australia property owners with a number of problems with obtaining mortgages. To solve this issue, the government in New South Wales introduced strata titles, and the idea of “strata” was born.

So What is Strata Cleaning?

Strata cleaning, now that you know what strata is, is pretty straight forward: it’s simply the cleaning and maintaing the ‘common areas of the buildings – not the individual units. Obviously, this means that you need strata cleaners that are efficient, reliable and consistent. Strata cleaners in Sydney may seem difficult to find, but there are lots of choices at lots of different price points. Strata cleaning involves a number of services, all the way from possibly getting rid of rubbish all the way to scrubbing and shampooing soiled carpets and floors. Sometimes the work is light – sometimes it’s heavy so its important to determine what type of provider or provider’s your looking for.

Should I choose a Strata Maintenance company that cleans and also does the gardening handy man works as well ?
Well here is a great debate , the theory behind it sounds fitting ‘kill two birds with one stone’ or on a practical view is it really a case of ‘ jack all trades master of none’.

From personal experience over the years below is an outline of the pros and cons of selecting a one stop shop service

– All services get completed on one day generally at the same time frame
– Price competitive because provider has more breath of works to complete
– Less contractors to deal for both strata agent and owners corp

Strata Cleaners Sydney

– Skill set differences, a strata cleaner and gardener are very unique skill sets. Teaching cleaners how to mow is just not that easy the end result a lower quality of work provided.

– Will create more mess, individuals coming to vacuum the carpet after cutting lawns can be troublesome for obvious reasons and more to the point presentation can lack.

– Easier for a service provider to forget equipment with so many tools to carry. For example a ‘mop bucket’ if there carrying out too many services this affects the quality of work directly.

– Employees can tend to argue more , over who cleans and who mows this evidently affects work place atmosphere and inadvertently will be seen through the workmanship.

In my opinion its not that it cant be done. I believe the most effective solution is to have mulitple service providers one for each cleaning and gardening regardless if each company is a one stop service provider. Buy having two strata service providers you can keep both companies honest, competitive and in the end ultimately you will get the best result.

Why Does Strata Cleaning Require a Specific Strata Cleaners ?
Why Can’t I Hire My Home Cleaner Instead?

This is a great question and a problem that comes up often. In your home, you probably know what to expect – and so does your cleaner. You probably neglect the same types of things every week, and your cleaner can cue into that and always will know where to start when they enter your home. Strata cleaning requires a bit more adaptability, and time is of the essence no matter how unclean the area is. Every day an apartment or loft is not clean this can be potentially an OHS issue but more so an eye sore for visitors , tenants and owners. Professional Strata Cleaners takes a bit of finesse, and sometimes a home cleaner is more overwhelmed than someone who is used to cleaning strata properties.

Overall, the need for strata cleaning is a much needed service in Sydney, and finding the right strata cleaners means taking the time out and working out as an owners corporation exactly what your needs and wants are. Then devising what is a fair and reasonable amount of money your willing to pay. Just remember ….

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So what list of services do strata cleaners offer ?
At Clean Focus Service we provide a number of services similar to other providers but like all things it comes down to the quality, implementation and execution . Below is brief outline of strata cleaning services provided to the Sydney market. Frequency of works will pend most likely on the size of property and standard owners corp want to up keep.

Common Areas Strata Cleaning
– Mop all hard surfaces floors, deodorise and disinfect
– Clean Light Fittings
– Cleaning walls and skirting
– Wipe down exit signs
– Clean all common areas glass hand rails and windows
– Remove all rubbish from common areas any extensive rubbish dumped we will notify owners corporation
– Spot check all common areas and report on any damaged to common property
– Management to perform detailed inspection of entire property for internal review and improvement
– High Pressure Clean Garage Area
– Spot Clean Carpet Areas (additional charge may apply)
– Graffiti Removal

Lifts and Elevators ( Areas)
– Mop hard-floors, deodorise & sanitise
– Wipe down stainless steel panels and buttons
– Clean light Fittings
– Buff Floor Areas

Garbage / Bin Maintenance
Bin Services taking bins in and out on a weekly / fortnightly basis’s
– Hose bins down, disinfect and deodorise on regular interval

If you have any questions on strata cleaning or our own strata cleaners, feel free to ask us – we want to help!
Clean Focus provides strata cleaning services Sydney wide. With over 14 years experience in Strata cleaning and maintenance we are a qualified professional.



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