Sourcing Green Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to finding a commercial cleaner, green and sustainable practices are no longer a ‘nice to have’ they are a must. Most commercial cleaners have suddenly re-branded and made the switch to green cleaning, however, how much is just clever marketing? How do you find an authentic green commercial cleaner and cut through the buzzwords and advertising?

Certification and accreditation

environmental cleaning accreditation

A green commercial cleaner may say that they are registered, or have accreditation or links to green initiatives. However, ask for proof. A reputable commercial cleaner will be able to show membership, certificates and stats quickly and early to back up any claims. Ask them about their own values statement. An authentic green cleaner will not just provide a green cleaning service, they should follow the same principles across their entire business.

Ask the right questions

COVID Safe Commercial Cleaning

Ask your green commercial cleaner how they can tackle COVID-19 in a green way. Right now, there is no truly green disinfectant on the market which is powerful enough to kill viruses and germs to to substantial degree, so if they say their green products protect against the virus, be suspicious. Ask to see the cleaning the products and MSDS and do your own research. Also check that the chemicals listed for you, match what is stored in the cleaning cupboard.

It’s not all about cleaning chemicals

green commercial cleaning practices

An authentic green commercial cleaner should be able to provide many other green practices when it comes to cleaning services. Do they use re-usable microfibre cloths? How are cleaning teams water wise? Do they turn all the lights off before leaving and are their vacuums and other equipment low energy consumption? Green cleaning means taking a holistic view across all cleaning practices.

Waste separation and collection

green commercial waste management

Do you have recycling stations set up in your workplace or commercial building? Maybe your staff are diligently separating paper and plastic, but do you know what happens at point of collection? A green commercial cleaner should continue these waste separation practices and have seperate collections for paper, co-mingled, general and organic waste. Unscrupulous cleaners may save money by arranging just one collection where all your waste and hard work separating items heads straight to the landfill. It’s not just about the cleaner being green, ensure that any vendors they use, such as waste management are green also.

Green cleaning shouldn’t cost the earth

commercial cleaning green

Some commercial cleaning companies charge a large premium for so-called green commercial cleaning services. This is untrue, in-fact buy investing in green practices and suppliers you can often save money! Take a good look at any green cleaning proposal and take a deep dive. Truly understand the service you will be receiving and the differences between a green service and a standard commercial cleaning service.

Ultimately, don’t be blinded by lots of green symbols and testimonials on websites. Before you sign up for a green commercial cleaner, do a little homework. Asking the right questions will also help you gain assurance that the cleaning service you engage really is better for the environment.



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