Seasonal Pest Control In The Home

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to live, but the climate means seasonal pest control, even in the cities. There are pests that we can manage quite easily, such as flies and ants, but there are also nightmare inducing spiders and cockroaches to deal with too.

So, how can you protect your home from pesky bugs and sleep depriving Huntsman?


spider control

Sydney has periods of wet and humid weather and summer is when you get a tan, but you also get some unwelcome residents in your home. Huntsman are the most common spiders which enter homes and although they are the keepers of your nightmares, they are quite harmless. However, on rare occasions, Funnel Web spiders can enter the home, so it’s worth knowing and being able to identify common Australian spiders so that you don’t unwittingly grab, or get bitten by a spider that can bite you and end your life. It’s extremely rare but worth protecting yourself.

The key to keeping spiders at bay is preventative measures. Ensure you spray a strong surface spray around windows, doors and any holes they may enter from. You can also buy insect spray which you can spray on the outside of your home as a deterrent.


cockroach pest control
Photo by Jared Belson

Cockroaches are linked to unsanitary areas, but even the cleanest of Sydney homes will have a cockroach or two, the climate is just perfect for them to breed and unfortunately dealing with them is unavoidable. Use a strong surface spray regularly and ensure that you keep food covered and kitchen surfaces clean. In the summer, keep your pet food bowls clean and avoid leaving wet food in the bowls overnight as this smelly treat is a feast for cockroaches to seek out, that’s why cockroach pest control is important.



Mossies are a pain and when it’s humid they will come looking for a bloodsucking meal on your skin. Burn citronella outside to keep them away from your home and keep your windows shut at night unless you have a mosquito or fly screen.  A quick spray of bug spray will knock ’em dead quick.

Fleas and Carpet Mites

pest control in the home

Carpets and rugs can be excellent hiding places for fleas and carpet mites. Vacuum regularly and get your local cleaner to professionally clean your carpets to rid fibres of fleas and mites, they can also add a repellent into the cleaning process. Keep your pets flea free with regular treatments over summer too, to prevent them bringing itchy fleas into your home. You can also use insect ‘bombs’ which you set off when you leave the house and coat your entire home with a protective, bug killing layer which works for up to 12 weeks

Overall, keep your surfaces clean, your windows closed where possible and invest in some long-lasting insecticide spray. Give your house a thorough, professional clean regularly and if you have carpets, get them cleaned at least twice a year to prevent bugs and spiders living in your home rent free!



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